Converse Sneakers

Outfit ideas

Converse sneakers are one of the most popular sports shoes designs lately. We don’t even wonder why, since most of the VIPs and famous bloggers wear them. Taking into account the fact that they have been around since 1917, it’s safe to say at this point that they are pretty much never going to go out of style.

These shoes seem to complement every avenue of personal style from punk to preppy. The bright white canvas version has remained the most ubiquitous in both its low-top and high-top silhouettes, but today you can find them in a rainbow of colors and fabrications.


The Converse sneakers are suitable for all ages and if you’ve thought that they can only be worn occasionally during weekend walks through the park, the designers recommend them for more than that: urban parties, club-outfits, ultra-feminine looks. And there are endless possibilities.

We want you to look like a real fashionista so here are some stylish outfit ideas with the converse sneakers. Check them out:

They look super nice with any type of dress: maxi, midi or mini and skirts of any type. You can choose the model you like, according to your personal preferences: A-line, asymmetrical, pleated, with opulent or simple prints. Color matters less! The most important thing is to feel good with what you wear!

For a cool, trendy look, match the sneakers with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a leather jacket. If it’s sunny outside, put on a pair of oversized glasses. The bag is essential – choose a shoulder bag with metallic accents – this element will ensure the success of your outfit.


Converse sneakers look amazing with both shorts and long pants. Choose some destroyed jeans for a fresh appearance, and some simple jeans for a classic look.

Also keep in mind that Converse sneakers are perfect to wear during summer or spring with breezy and feminine dresses. You have certainly noticed that the coolest outfits are made up of contrasting elements, such as ladylike dresses and sports shoes.

So, you can wear Converse with almost anything, as long as it’s comfortable and relaxing. Basically, this is the reason they are the favorite pieces of so many stars.


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