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The right activewear is key to a good workout. That’s why we would love to help you put together the must have items in a female workout wardrobe.


Basic lines


Lightweight, breathable, supportive and fashionable; activewear is designed to make you feel comfortable and confident while you exercise. And the good news is that women’s sportswear options are so vast, you will definitely find something that works great with your style. Even though the equipment should be practical, you should choose something that will flatter your figure, make you feel and look great. The best way to meet your fitness goals!  




Here is what you need in your arsenal:


Active Shorts


Should be sleek, lightweight and ideal for working out in the summer heat. They are also perfect for indoor activities. Yoga shorts for example are fitted and they don’t slip while you workout; running shorts are great for cardio activities, leggings for weight trainings.  


Active Pants


Like shorts, women’s activewear pants come in different styles.


For winter you should choose a pair of full-length wokout pants to provide more coverage and keep you warm. Cropped pants are perfect for fast-paced cardio sessions and active bottoms are just perfect for running.


Try to choose skinny pants, because they won’t get in your way as you move.




Active Tops


Like pants and shorts, active tops come in the same styles as regular tees and tanks, but they have extra-features like added chest support or wicking fabric, designed to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.


Just pick something that reflects your style and personality and makes you feel very comfortable.


Sports Bras


Are essential items. They are made from polycotton fabrics witn spandex, to provide the support you need during your exercises. Plus, they will fit perfectly under your active top and provide more support than traditional bras.


Athletic Shoes


The shoes are very important. They should ensure a comfortable fit, maximum protection and durability. Find those that are designed for your type of exercise: aerobics, yoga, pilattes, cycling, running and so on.


Choose athletic shoes with vented uppers and rubber or composite soles for traction and safety.


These are the most important items you should have in your gym wardrobe.


Choosing the correct sportswear for your needs will definitely aid you in your journey to live a healthy and happy lifestyle!

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