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Summer Trends


What better way to get through the weekend than going shopping for the latest summer women’s swimwear trends? What can make us happier than dreaming for those warm sunny days and putting together the best outfits for the next exotic vacation? But in order to buy a new swimsuit, we need to know this year's biggest summer trends.


Cut Out Swimwear, Flat Sandals, Celine Sunglasses & Moschino Bag


1. High-Waisted Bikinis

Vintage inspired swimwear like bottoms with high waist has been around for a few years now, meaning that this trend is stylish and loved by all women.

They offer an elegant effect to the ladies that want a more mature look.


Floral Bikini Set


2. One-Piece Swimsuit

You can find one-piece swimsuits in many forms and we totally recommend you to buy one because it's the most popular swimsuit piece trend this year.

Their ability to hide body imperfections and their sleek nature makes them perfect for every body type.


Color Block Swimsuit


3. Halter Tops

One beautiful style that you can wear this summer is the halter top, while the triangle tops are considered a thing of the past.

With crochet cut-outs or sheer inserts, these amazing tops look astounding if you paired them with tiny low waist bikinis.


Leaf Print Swimwear


4. High-Cut Single Piece Swimsuit

A more sexy approach of the one-piece swimsuit is the high-cut piece that gives us a Baywatch effect.

If you want to elongate your legs, then go for a bathing suit that has sky high-cuts and a very low neckline, this way you will show off your beautiful curves that normally a basic swimsuit will cover.


Hollow Out Swimsuit


5. Ruffled Swimsuit

For an innocent beauty and a feminine look, which is in contrast with all the other trends, just opt for a relaxed ruffled swimsuit.

For sunny days on the beach go for ruffled bikini bottoms or if you go to a summer party wear an off-the-shoulder single piece swimsuit with ruffle details.


Jellyfish Print Bikini Set


6. Mesh Swimsuit

Black mesh fabric and will give us a great effect around the neckline, while the vibrant colors and graphic shapes are the main elements when it comes to a sheer cut-out swimsuit.

If you want to stand out on the beach or at the pool then definitely this type of swimwear is the best choice.


Mesh Bikini Top


This year, women’s swimwear is bold, feminine and stylish!

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