Different styles of women's shirts

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What to choose?


Blue and white, plain or plaid – nowadays everyone has a shirt in the closet. This basic garment is now breaking new grounds because it can be combined more versatilely than just with a sleazy blazer. Whether casual- or formal-looking, you’ll be sure to find a piece that fits your needs (and wishes!).

That being said, choosing the right one is not always easy. Choosing between classic white shirts, striped or plaid shirts, jeans-shirts and many more can, in fact, prove to be quite the challenge. With this in mind, we’re going to lay out some basic guidelines in order to make your next shopping-spree or picking out your next outfit easier.


The formal look

Hitting it off with the professional or formal look, women have it a bit harder than their male peers due to the variety of choices being somewhat bigger. So, how can you achieve a formal and elegant look with a shirt? Well, not only does it depends on the overall combination, it also depends on your workplace’s dress-code, considering the rules vary a bit (business-professional, business-casual, etc.). Generally, the outfit should be rather conservative-looking. A classic choice would be to wear a white button-down shirt with a high waist skirt. Top it off with a belt and you’ll achieve a classic, yet fancy look that’s suitable for most – if not all – workplaces.

If your workplace allows you to show off a bit more skin, then a great idea is to opt for a short-sleeved button-down shirt and a car-wash skirt – it’ll provide you with a perfect silhouette for transitional weather!

If you work in a rather serious environment, then a suit is what you want to go for. A white shirt under a classic dark suit will give you the aura of a serious power-lady. You can still loosen it a bit if you just fold your cuffs over the blazer and adding a pair of colorful heels, to contrast with an otherwise colorless outfit.


Pay special attention to the cut. Tight-fitting shirts are the ones you want to go for. Also, if you are somewhat unsure when it comes to colors. Always remember that a plain white shirt is a top choice for a reason: you just can’t go wrong with it.


Striped Shirt


Colorful shirt for formal looks


The casual look

Obviously, it’s much easier to choose a shirt for your private leisure time. Ranging from boyfriend shirts, through plaid shirts, all the way to the aforementioned classic white shirt – everything goes. 


One trend that’s been getting more and more attention for women is the boyfriend shirt.  If this is the look you’re aiming for, then try and balance out the baggy nature of this somewhat baggier top and combine it with well-fitted jeans, short shorts or, if the top you’re wearing is somewhat long, with tights. The way you can wear your boyfriend’s shirt is quite versatile, there’s actually only one golden rule: don’t combine it with boyfriend jeans lest you want to look like you just got out of bed!


Alas, not every lady has a boyfriend whose shirt she can claim. For those of you to whom this applies, fear not, for you too have plenty to chose from. For a casual Saturday just go with a simple plaid shirt. Especially if it’s fall or winter, considering they will provide you with a warm and cozy aura. Here, the number of ideas is truly near-endless. Wear it with a simple-colored cardigan for a warm and casual look. If you don’t have a cardigan, just opt for an over-sized plaid shirt and wear it as one combined with denim shorts and tights for a vibrant young and trendy look. Tuck the shirt into a skater skirt and jump into a pair of tights and high heels for a gorgeous winter look. Under certain circumstances, you can also wear a plaid shirt for more formal occasions by simply combining it with an eye-catching blazer.



Off Shoulder Shirt


Loose Shirt

The list…

…Is simply too big. The truth is, we could go on and on and make this article the size of a novel if we were to lay out every single idea of how to properly wear a female shirt. We do hope that we have awoken your curiosity to find out more about how to rock this oh-so adaptive piece of clothing. Keep our guidelines in mind and know that this is but the scratching of the surface of an ocean of possibilities in which you can venture yourself in. All you need to do is find one of the many styles that suit your character and there you have it: you’re ready to go face the world and all of its scenarios. 


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