Which designer invented the mini skirt

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Mini skirts are true staples for any woman’s wardrobe. They are fun fashion items that are never really out of style and come in different shapes, colors and styles. To wear a mini skirt in the right way requires choosing the right cut, material and color for your shape and complete the outfit with outstanding accessories and tops.

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But before wearing a mini skirt, have you ever wondered which is the history of this super chic item?


Keep on reading to find out which designer invented the mini skirt.


Before the ‘60s, young women were expected to dress in the style of their mothers. They used to wear boring clothes, and barely reveal some skin. Plus, many times mothers and daughters wore identical dresses. In that period, Sally Tuffin, an English designer made a remark: “There weren’t any clothes for young people at all. One just looked like their mother”.


That was the moment when the awareness of feminism started to grow and paved the way for a different fashion for women. Women started to explore different roles, to attend universities and enter the workforce.


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The young generation was indeed growing up rebellious and demanded a fashion that will match the spirit of youth. The mini skirt was at the epicenter of this evolution. Mary Quant was the one who took the idea from the 1964 designs by André Courrèges and made the skirts of the moment even shorter for her boutique Bazaar. Even though Courrèges was the first to create a mini skirt, Mary Quant was credited for making popular this style.


André Courrèges, Marie Quant


The skirt was named after Quant’s favorite car, the Mini, and was an instant success: women started to show off not only their legs but their free, energetic and unconventional spirit as well.


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By the late of the ’60s mini skirts started to be designed in sheer, see-through materials and other loose fabrics, which, in turn, made underwear an important new accessory in fashion as well.


After the success of Quant, Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent were offering shorter mini styles in their couture lines.


Regardless of who really “invented” the miniskirt, both Quant and Courrèges deserve credit for revolutionizing and enriching the fashion world with their daring hemlines.

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