What Top to Wear With an A-line Skirt

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3 Ideas on How to Wear an A-line Skirt and How To Match It.


The A-line skirt should find its way into your closet, no matter what style you prefer.

As the LBD, the A-line skirt might just save you when you need it the most. It can easily be styled for elegant, office looks or even for casual events, like a walk in the park.


The simple line makes it very flattering and it is more comfortable than the classic pencil skirt.

In order to make it look more stylish and adapt it to your personal style, you should focus on which type of top you pick, when putting an outfit together.


The A-line skirt is, most of the times a high-waisted skirt, so you should never go for any long blouses or shirts.

The only time you should think of picking out a long shirt is if you will wear it tucked in.

The main reason for this is that it would make your waist look wider and your upper body more puffy, and no woman wants that.


Always think about your body type, when wearing an A-line Skirt.

Here are some ideas on what top to wear with an A-line Skirt, when your body type is:

  • Pear-Shape - If you are a pear shape, you might go with a simple, strapless top or even a ruffled sleeve shirt, in order to get that hourglass shape.
  • Lean-Shape - For an I shape, you need some volume on the upper part. A latino inspired spaghetti strap made of fine lace or cotton would do just fine. 
  • Apple-Shape - The apple shape would look great with a long sleeved shirt tucked in an pulled out a bit, over the skirt's waist.
    Not having an outlined waist, you will have to compensate in volume on the upper and lower part so that your waist will look thinner. 
  • Hourglass - The hourglass shape is the luckiest because you can wear any type of tops mixed with the A-line skirt.


A thin belt is the best accessory to wear with this kind of skirt, especially if it’s in a contrasting color.

This trick would make your waist look even thinner. Even if this skit would look really cool with flats, high heels gives it more elegance so why not go for the best version?


Here are our suggestions for a stylish lady-like look.

This red top is a must have for the season. Comfortable, and easy to mix and match for both casual and elegant looks.




The beaded chiffon crop top is the ideal choice for a casual cocktail party or even company event. Styled with a pencil skirt or culottes, either way it would look really amazing.



A casual boho outfit wouldn't be the same without an embroidered tank top. Yellow is a nice touch especially if you have a tanned skin..



How would you wear the A-line skirt?


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