What to Wear for a Job Interview

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Remember: The First Impression Counts

A new job is a fresh start and it can change your life for the better. An important thing that you should not neglect when getting ready for an interview is picking your outfit for the interview.

Even if sometimes we tend to ignore or forget, the first impression matters. 

Looking your best is a first step in getting that awesome job offer you just got. 

Selecting the right clothes can be a complicated decision to take because you have to look formal but not boring or too classic; you should go for a modern and creative touch and still keep that business attire elegance. 

There are so many different options can choose from, but the first thing you should think about is what your position will be, what field are you working in and how formal are your future employers.


Here are some basic rules and guidelines you should take into account in order to get that job you always wanted:

  • Don't dress too stiff, the black and white business suit is not a great option. Instead, if you want to keep the business outfit, look for some bright colors to mix with neutral and keep the line modern.
  • Dresses are a good idea, still don't go in a skimpy mini dress. A shift or loose knee length or midi dress are the best for this occasion. Try a solid color or a simple print, nothing too flashy.
  • Change the simple, formal shirt with a fun printed one that you can wear for other events as well. You shouldn't invest in clothing you know you will wear only once because that means it's not reflecting your personality. Your employer should get to know you, not what you are pretending to be.
  • I bet you are wondering if wearing jeans to an interview is acceptable. Yes, it is, but only if your job isn't very formal. You can go for a pair of jeans and some high heels if you will be working in a creative field.
  • The same rules apply when it comes to shoes. For a formal look, go for some closed toe pumps with medium high heels are the best. For a more fun look, try some gradient or metallic flats or some studded ankle boots and mix the elements creatively. This might give a hint to your employers that you have a fresh vision.


Now that we set some guidelines, let's see some outfit ideas:





What will you wear for your next job interview?


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