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Simple Guide on How to Dress for a Wedding

Hide your children, Wedding Season is upon us

Just kiddin'! What girl doesn't want a wedding on her list as a perfect opportunity to buy that awesome dress she had her eye on and flaunt it for all to see.


If you are one of those people attending a wedding this year, either as a bridesmaid, guest, relative, special party or close friend, now is the time to invest in some really cute gowns and men... suit up!


I remember myself having 3 weddings in one year, so that thought alone gave me wallet nightmares, but if you choose to be smart you can get away with wedding murder. Ha, ha kiddin' again. Just invest in a really awesome dress, try out as many as you want, go through land and sea and to find the perfect one. The one that fits, the one that looks to die for on you. Who said it's only the bride's time to shine?

But always keep these things in mind when choosing wedding clothes:

- when is the date of the wedding: Spring, Summer, Winter or Autumn. Dress appropriately and don't cheapen on having a Summer dress work in Autumn (I did that, had a coat on and looked like a miss-matched mess).

- where is the happy event. An occasion like this has its importance in the chosen wedding site by the bride and groom, so careful how you dress according to location.

- What kind of a wedding is it going to be: beach, forest, restaurant, only outside, casual etc. I cannot state the importance of this. A beach wedding requires a certain type of wedding clothes, so careful, careful.

If you are a Bridesmaid

If the bride chose you as a Bridesmaid then... hurray! You are the chosen one. If the bride wants you to dress in a certain way, then you would have to comply. If not, choose a great dress and guess top the other girls attending in the dress department. Choose a great long, flowy dress that looks great on you. Do not accessorize much and let the dress be the one to stand out. But never eclipse the bride.

bridesmaids dresses

Bridesmaids Dresses

bridesmaids clothes

Maxi Dresses


If you are a Guest, Friend, Relative

Any great dress works for this. A cocktail dress is even better. Anything that works for you in style and length, just go with that. Choose a special clutch and some stiletto high-heeled shoes. For a wedding occasion, a clutch works wonders and gives your whole outfit a more put together look. Don't be afraid to bring out the understated bling! This right here is our average people's Oscars, so think glam, glam, glam.

metallic clutches

Metallic Clutches

If your wedding is a Beach Wedding

Any outdoorsy occasion calls for different kind of clothes. If you are lucky to attend a beach wedding there is some things to keep in mind:

1. the sand. It will get everywhere. No high-heels are allowed, unless you are one of the Desperate Housewives of Whatever, and we don't want none of that. Choose a flowy dress, don't be afraid of cool patterns here; gladiator or any flat sandals work for this occasion. Barefoot is great also. Wear hats - the bigger, the better. A beach wedding should be fun and romantic. So dress accordingly.

2. if later the party moves inside: now the high-heels are allowed, if you know this ahead of time, you can bring an extra pair of hot, sexy shoes. Ditch the hat in the evening and let your hair loose. A beach wedding is also a "no fuss" style kind of wedding. Any kind of braids work for this occasion so don't be afraid to experiment with your hair. You are at the beach, enjoy it!

Satins, silks, embelishments, sequins, everything with "evening" in their name - all are the "go to" garments, shoes and bags to choose when attending a wedding.

wedding clothes

Beach Wedding Dresses


This is a celebratory time, filled with love and good people, so is as much of an importance that your wedding clothes should reflect that. Dress smart and sharply and everyone will notice. 

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