Ways to wear culottes this spring

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Wear culottes like a street-style pro


Culottes are garments that look and hang like skirts but are, in fact, pants.


These pants first appeared in the 1500s and they were worn initially by French, aristocratic males. They became a garment for females from the Victorian era, being a necessity especially for the physically active women who wanted to ride horses and bikes.


Today, after many years, culottes are incredibly chic and an essential staple for every fashionista.


This pretty messy bottom piece is a voguish piece of clothing that looks structured and cool.


At first glace, they can seem intimidating, because of their awkward length, but the key is to treat them as you would with a midi skirt. Also, you need to know that choosing the right pair of shoes for culottes is important. You can add length with a pump or sandal or you can go low-key with some sneakers or loafers.


Culottes can be an awesome choice for wearing to work, but you can include them also in relaxed looks. Depending on your style, you are free to choose how to wear them: in chic, polished, edgy, messy, casual or sophisticated ensembles.


Here are some trendy ways to wear culottes this spring:


  • Play with prints and choose some culottes with a bold print to add some unexpected personality to the outfit. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and pair the culottes with classy staples like a relaxed tee and leather jacket. This way you will keep the look balanced.

Cotton Culottes

 Printed Culottes with Silk


  • For a professional look, choose a pair of dark colored culottes and match them with a conservative white blouse and wedge sandals. Complete with a short trench or a simple, classy coat.

Wide Leg pants


  • For a casual, relaxed look wear your culottes with sneakers. Just make sure you are wearing them with footie socks or no socks at all, because that flash of ankle is crucial to making these pants look modern.

Cotton Wide-Leg Culottes

Denim Culottes


What we love about culottes is their versatility, allowing you to wear them with plenty of pieces you already own in your closet!


You are free to pair them with everything, starting from cropped jackets and heels to sexy boots and sweaters.



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