V-neck slip dress

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The staple item of this summer

Call the slip dress the staple that will never die. What used to be considered lingerie, is now one of the most multi-purpose pieces of clothing you can possibly own.

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Burgundy lace up slip dress

Wearing something in public that was originally designed to be slept in, can be a little bit intimidating. But despite their fear factor, the slip dresses walk a fine line between elegant and casual that’s really hard to find in a day-to-night piece.


There’s no doubt - at the moment the slip dress is very popular - we can see it all over our Instagram feeds at famous bloggers and trendsetters. We also spotted some of our favorite celebrities rocking the V-neck slip dress.


A V-neck slip dress isn’t just for boudoir anymore. There are several ways to wear it, that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve dressed too provocatively.


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Wondering how to wear a V-neck slip dress? We have some ideas that will make you look amazing this season:

Wear the V-neck slip dress with a T-shirt underneath. This is the perfect look if you want to tone the sexy level of this dress down.

Still you will be able to look sexy, but the T-shirt will make the dress acceptable to wear during the day.


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Toffee brown satin slip dress

Wear the V-neck slip dress with a flannel shirt tied around your waist. You’ll get an ultra-cool outfit. Plus, you can finish the look with a shoulder bag in a vibrant color and some ankle boots, or if it’s too warm outside, with a pair of strappy sandals.

You’ll be the coolest woman in the street!


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Want a stylish look for a night out with your girlfriends? Then wear the V-neck slip dress with a pair of minimalistic sandals and a motorcycle jacket. We can only say that this combo: a slip dress and a motorcycle jacket is a match made in heaven.

This one can be the quintessential night outfit!

For a casual look you can also match the slip dress with a pair of sneakers.


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Here are some other outfit ideas with V-neck slip dress. Isn't this dress just perfect? 

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Black lace slip dress

There are lots of ways to wear this trend, it’s all about choosing the right accessories and color variations.

What is your favorite way to wear a slip dress?


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