Types of suits every stylish man needs in his closet

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When it comes to dressing professionally, it’s pretty easy to spend a fortune on clothes if you don’t know exactly where to shop and what to look for.

And no matter who are you or how you like to dress, there will be times, for example your wedding day or an interview for your dream job, even a funeral, when only a suit will do.

Whether you’re shopping for your first suit or you have a closet full of them, in order to make the right choice, you should know that there are some types of suits that every man should have in his wardrobe.


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Wondering which are the types of suits every stylish man needs in his closet?

Check out our list:

The navy suit

The navy suit is a classic piece that’s stood the test of time. The dark blue shade is one of the most important when it comes to building a wardrobe of formal clothes.

It’s appropriate for every event and it has the advantages that can be paired with many shirt and tie combinations.


DKNY Blue Suit, DKNY Skinny Suit

Dark grey suit

Has almost the same importance and chic factor as the navy suit.

Represents the perfect shade, especially if you are limited to only a few suits. Why? Because it can be mixed with almost anything.

A dark grey suit makes a great change to your typical black suit, which can feel monotonous from time to time.


Charcoal Wool Suit, Charcoal Dress Pants for Men

The patterned suit

If you are tired of those suits in standard shades, it’s time to get something with a bit more character.

A suit with an interesting pattern can be a great option, as long as it will stand out a little more than a solid color suit. Plus, patterns can add texture and visual interest to your outfit, even though many men are afraid of wearing them, to not end up looking a bit foolish.

In order to get a polished look, it’s important to start simple, so try using smaller patterns such as thin stripes, squares or small dots.


Slim Fit Plaid Suit, Patterned Suit

The tuxedo

Not for a professional, office look, but definitely for a special, black-tie event.

As it is said “a well-tuxed man is a well-dressed one”!


Tommy Hilfiger Men's Two Button Trim Fit Tuxedo Jacket with Peak Lapel


These are the top 4 suits every man needs to own.

Keep in mind that your suit selection should be well-rounded so that you can dress for any occasion. 


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