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How to Build Your Confidence by Wearing the Right Clothes


“My greatest achievement is helping women discover their strength and maximize their impact so they succeed no matter what they do.”


Vanessa Berlin followed her dream in becoming a full time image and fashion consultant step by step.


From being a television reporter, getting her bachelor's degree in communication, training at the International Style Institute with the celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson to being on Board of Directors of the Fashion Group International, San Diego Chapter. 


Let's get to know her a bit better and see what is her blog all about.


image consultant and fashion blogger

1. How did you start your fashion adventure?
First of all thank you very much for this interview. I've been in love with fashion since I was a little girl. I enjoyed putting garments together, matching different colors and textures to get a fun look. Sometimes I use to help my mother and my friends with their looks. As time went by, I figured out that fashion and all things related with personal care were one of my passions.


vanessa berlin fashion consultant


vanessa berlin blogger

2. Did you start your blog out as a hobby or business?
I'm an Image and Fashion Consultant, who loves to help women look and feel their best in order to succeed no matter what they do. It was funny how I got into blogosphere. I was with one of my clients in one of our sessions and she told me, "I wish I could get more tips from you more often. I think you should start a blog, and I would be your number one reader," and this comment was one of the things that definitely pushed me to create The Fashion Statement. So I'm happy that I can have a connection with all the women who read it and not only with my clients.

3.  What's the secret in growing a fashion blog on the long run?
-The key is to be constant. It's very important to have a weekly strategy, in order to grow your blog. I mean to have a schedule for posting. This is a very saturated market so in order to succeed and have presence, your blog should be authentic and always do your best to offer good quality content. When you are in this business being patient is super important,  so you really have to love what you're doing.


4. Do you constantly invest money in promoting your blog?
This is like all businesses, if you want to succeed and get noticed, it's important to invest on it, especially at the beginning and it doesn't necessary have to be a large amount. When I started, I invested in a SEO, to help me with the positioning on the web. Now I try being constant as much as I can.

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5. How do you stay fit? Are you on a special diet
Well, I'm not on a special diet but I definitely love eating healthy. I'm a dessert fanatic, but I try to eat them only on the weekends. I also enjoy working out. It's part of my lifestyle. Besides, it helps to maintain your figure. It makes me feel great and energetic to start my day.

6. Which is your best buy? Most expensive item bought on sale.
I'm a shoe and bag lover, so I'm always trying to find good deals on them. But I remember that a couple years ago I bought a beautiful designer blazer from a department store.
 It was from the current new collection and when I tried it on, I immediately fell in love with its cut. I checked the price and bingo! It was reduced for a very reasonable price. I couldn't believe it. The thing is that it has a small tailor modification on the sleeves. So I was very lucky to find it, because it fits perfectly and it's one of my favorite statement pieces.

7. Favorite brand to buy jeans from? The best fit.
-I love how American Eagle fits on my body, they are super comfortable. I also like Hudson and True Religion. There're many brands but you should choose the one that looks best on your body type.

8. Fall-Winter trends 2016-2017 that you will surely follow.
Without a doubt embroidery and lace are one of my favorite trends and they will continue to be seen everywhere. I love it because it's truly feminine and romantic.
 I also will follow the bow neckline it's chic and sophisticated at the same time. I would like to buy at least a top and a dress. 


little black dress

9. What's the secret to an effortless looking hairdo on a bad hair day?
Every women have experienced a bad hair day. Sometimes, due to the hectic pace of life I'm on a rush and my hair simply doesn't cooperate to make me look presentable. Those days I just pull up my hair on a top knot or a messy bun.  Also a nice hat always helps in those bad hair days. They look so chic!


beige and black outfit

10. Your secret styling tip for a perfect outfit?
It should be the outfit that makes you feel beautiful and confident. An outfit according to your personality. For me the way garments fit is very important.
My recommendation when putting together an outfit is: start with one basic, either a skirt or a trouser, plus one interesting item, something with color, pattern, texture or shine (a top for example) and add a third piece. This finishing touch would be a jacket, sweater or blazer and of course don't forget the accessories. 


We hope you loved Vanessa's practical tips and tricks that should help you redesign your wardrobe.

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