Tips and trick for a safe and comfortable winter hiking

Written by Gabriela_Codita | @stylishcircle

Basic safety tips


We know! You’re eager to see the first snowflakes and hit the road!

And you know what? Winter is a great time to hit the trail for so many reasons: the crowds are gone, the nature shows off its true beauty after a fresh snowfall and you can take so many great shots.

But in order to stay warm and comfortable during your trekking tour, you should have your essentials with you!

Here is a brief list of the things you should include in your backpack in your winter hiking tour:

  • A base layer which wicks moisture off your body
  • A fleece jacket which is necessary for insulation and warmth
  • A shell that will help to keep your body dry.
  • Shell pants
  • Boots
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Extra wool socks
  • Scarf
  • Waterproof, insulated, lightweight boots

Dress in layers

You need to dress like an onion during your hiking tour, which means in layers. It’s extremely important as the temperatures can vary at the bottom of the trail and on the summit of the mountain. That’s why, having a variety of insulating clothing will help you keep your body temperature and stay comfortable.



Take a hot chocolate break

You didn’t know? There’s nothing like a hot cocoa break to motivate you for the summit push!

Don’t forget to make some tea or cocoa and bring plenty of water, as dehydration is a common problem. A hot beverage can warm you up and provide a nice break from the hike.

Yummy treats

Besides that, you should treat yourself with a great meal! A big burger can be a yummy treat! Don’t worry about your appearance – restaurants at the base of any big peak are used to hikers stopping off for a meal!

Double-check the weather

But because hydration and snacking are not the only winter hiking concerns, you should be aware of hiking in steep terrain, which is prone to avalanches and storms. Always check the weather before you leave, even up until the moment you walk out the door. Know the area you are going to explore.




Finally, let someone know where you’re going and keep in mind to carry all your essentials! A great outfit will keep you dry in case of precipitation and warm when you reach an exposed area.

With a little care anyone can discover the joy of winter hiking! 

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