The LDB - From Day to Night

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The LDB - From Day to Night 


I think that the first thing a woman should buy is a little black dress. Pick a simple cut that would flatter your silhouette and go for good quality fabric so that you can wear it for years to come. 



The LBD is probably the most versatile item in a woman's closet. With a little imagination and a smart shopping spree you can wear it in so many ways that your friends will think you spent a fortune for your daily outfits. 

We mixed up some of our favorite accessories together with a LBD and got three looks - Day to Night, using the same dress. 



The Day Look 

The perfect way to wear the LBD for a super casual day look is by layering a top over. We picked out a simple neutral top, but a color pop would also be a good variation. Comfortable ankle boots or even flats will sustain the casual vibe that we were going for. Messenger bags are great for daily use, and this red beauty will surely draw attention.


the black dress day outfit


The Lunch Look 

A business lunch with a new client, for example, should be classy but quite formal. A LBD is the perfect pick to start from with your look. Mid heels with a simple design would compliment your figure without being too much for that occasion. A simple cardigan or shawl will keep you warm and cover your hands for a more formal approach. To get creative, try some funky sunglasses with a cat eye signature shape and don't wear too many accessories.



the black dress lunch outfit



The Evening Look 

You have to attend a classy party after work but you have no time to totally change your outfit? No worries because we have the perfect solution. High heeled shoes will raise up your standard immediately, especially if you want a more edgy look. Pick a bold color or a metallic finish. Go for statement earrings and a simple clutch that will draw attention. Don't forget about the fur collared cape, it might get cold!  

Extra TIP: Put your hair up if you had a long day at the office before the party. It will make your hair look fresh.



black dress  evening outfit


Do you agree that a LBD is versatile? Tell us how a LBD helped you in a fashion situation!


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