Style tips on what to wear with a winter coat

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There is no doubt that it is still big coat season, also known as winter.

We know that all you want to do is to wrap yourself in the biggest and warmest coat. But the most important question is “What kind of coat should I go for and what should I wear with it?”

We recommend you to choose a classy, neutral colored coat, because you will be able to wear it with almost everything in your wardrobe. Plus, a classy coat can be so cool – whether you throw one on with a sweatshirt and some sneakers, or if you dress it up with trousers/dresses and heels you’ll always look pulled together.

You must keep in mind that the shape of your winter coat could be anything: tailored, A-line, cape, boyfriend, belted - every style can be done. What matters the most is the quality of the coat, because you want the hems to be perfect, the lining to be subtle, the buttons to be well attached and the fabric to be beautiful.

That’s why you should forget about nylon or acrylic coats. They look very cheap!

Style tips on what to wear with a winter coat:

  1. With scarves

A colorful scarf can be a great way to make your coat look different everyday. Opt for rich saturated colors (greens, oranges, pinks, reds, yellows) or darker tones (navy blue, emerald green, deep purple) eventually containing some sparkle and print.


Chiffon Scarf

Floral Printed Scarf

  1. With some gloves

A pair of beautiful leather gloves is always a great idea. They are chic and will be noticed for sure.

You can also opt for gloves in rich colors.

Dusty colors are not an option, because they will get dirty too fast.


Gloves with floral prints


  1. Hats/Shoes/Bags

Opt for colorful accessories that have an interesting fabric, are printed or have all at one so everyone else will notice them. For example, a dusty pink beanie, a gold bag and a pair of crisp white shoes will make a fresh and harmonious outfit.




Leather Tote


  1. Wear the coat open

This is a cool way to make your whole outfit look more stylish.


  1. Wear bold lipstick (red or purple)

Red Lipstick, Purple Lipstick


  1. Wear chunky pieces of jewelry, as statement necklaces or chandelier earrings

They have this great interest which makes them visible in the street.


Chandelier Earrings


What other cool ways to style a coat do you know? Share them with us!

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