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High Heels are the Key Item for a Glam Look


When it comes to having a stylish outfit, nothing could match a gorgeous pair of stilettos.

High heels will make your body look slimmer, your legs look longer and your whole outfit will be polished and chic.


The important thing if you like to wear sky high heels is to feel comfortable in them; you should not own any stilettos that could make your feet hurt.

There is nothing sexier than wearing a glamorous pair of stilettos, but of course you need to be able to walk in them.



Tips on How to be Comfortable in Stilettos


1. Right Size

Your  should measure your feet every time you go to buy new shoes, because podiatrists say that with age our feet can grow larger.

Usually for high heels you need to have a thumb between your first toe and the front of the heels, this way your toes will have room to move.


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2. Quality over Quantity

A very important tip we can give you is that a good and smart choice is to invest in good high heels.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive ones, but try to avoid purchasing cheap high heels.

There are a lot of girls who now wear only flats because they have ruined their feet from wearing bad stilettos every day.

If you have three or four pair of qualitative high heels that's more than enough.


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3. Small Steps

The best and comfy way to walk in stilettos is to take tiny steps.

You are on your tip toes, which is totally impractical and unnatural.

Protect your back and legs by not rushing. Take small steps.


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4. Alternatives

If you wear high heels for many days in a row you will hurt your feet.

To have some comfort, make a switch between stilettos and flat shoes.

Although high heels make your legs look longer when you are wearing a dress or a skirt, they are not so important if you adopt a more casual look for the rest of the days.


Extra Tip

Jeans & Stilettos

Tassel Jeans & Guess Jeans

Wear your stilettos with a pair of vintage denim jeans, and you are all set.

It doesn’t matter so much what top you are wearing, opt for a basic T-shirt or an elegant blouse, but the combination of denim jeans with high heels will give you a fashionable outfit.


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