Spring Fashion Trends

Written by Simona | @stylishcircle

5 IT Items for Spring 2016


Spring is here, the weather is warmer and now we have the opportunity to wear some new clothes and new combinations in terms of looks and fashion.

We are super excited to share with you our top 5 fashion trends for this spring.


1. Off the Shoulder

From dresses to tops, off the shoulder items are seductive and chic.

When you are wearing a loose t-shirt we bet you love when the top's slightly slipping off just one shoulder.

You can give any outfit an instant feminine vibe with an off the shoulder top or dress.

This spring season is all about the cute neckline.

No matter if you are just hanging with your girls or you go to a music festival, you got to love this new trend.


Blue Homecoming Dress & Boho Playsuit


2. Metallics

Designers always loved shiny and sparkly fabrics and this season is no different.

You can opt for sequined pants, metallic skirts or even t-shirts.

Go for key pieces like silver shoes that are useful for any kind of outfit.

Shiny metallics are all over the place and if you don’t like extravagant looks just choose to wear silver or gold accessories.


Iridescent Crop Top & Shiny Dress


3. Pink Shades

Romance is not dead this spring and we can see a lot of pink shades.

Designer's favorite is the rose hue that cherishes both feminism and femininity.

A girl who is not afraid to look pretty and delicate will definitely choose this amazing color.

You can also opt for pastel pink shades that will enhance your figure and you will have a clean and stylish look.


Roses Top & Long T-shirt


4. Saddle Bags

These bags are playful, fun and go with a lot of looks and styles.

With their rounded shape saddle bags can be a lovely friend for drinks, office or just wandering around town.

You can pick from a multitude of colors and materials or you can find them in bold prints and designs.

This round shaped cross body bag is reminding us of the Wild Wild West, but with a modern make over.


Leather Saddle Bag & Embroidered Saddle Bag


5. Sport Luxe

The 90’s are here because we are talking about joggers, bombers, tracksuits and sporty vests.

You can have an urban outfit with just an oversized hoodie, some skinny jeans and sneakers.

Satin bomber jackets are amazing and a useful item of clothing for spring outfits. 


Sequined Joggers & Bomber Jacket


We wish you happy spring days!

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