Sneakers for Stylish Men

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Types of Sneakers and How to Wear Them


We all know that sneakers are not only made for the gym.

Now men sneakers can be considered a fashion statement that will enhance your outfit and make it edgy and fashionable.


Classic Sneakers & High Top Sneakers



Tips for Choosing the Right Sneakers



Buy a new pair of sneakers that suits your current style and wardrobe.

Don’t hop on the trends and try to choose something that does not fits you.

Choose sneakers that compliment the clothes you already have, and not some shoes that will require a change of wardrobe.




Sneakers can be incredibly versatile and you can go for some urban shoes that you can wear them for special occasions.

Look for interesting color combinations or designs that will make your look outstanding.


Roberto Cavalli Sneakers & Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers



Types & Styles

Sneakers can be found in many designs, shapes and sizes these days, from the very basic sneakers, to the minimal ones and to the extravagant designs.

With so many choices available, it can be hard to know what to wear.

To help you out, here is a quick list of sneakers styles:


  • Basic: made from canvas or leather in basic colors like Vans or Converse;
  • Luxury: they look like basic sneakers but are made by brands like Lanvin, Saint Laurent or Tom Ford;
  • Classic: old school sneakers like Nike Air Max or Reebok Pump;
  • High Fashion: stylish sneakers from brands like Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela or Giuseppe Zanotti;
  • High Tech: modern sport shoes that are designed to be noticed, like Rick Owens sneakers;



If you choose some basic sneakers you can wear them with denim, chinos or shorts.

Keep in mind that sneakers do not work for every occasion and you should wear them only with urban and casual outfits.

Mix your sneakers with slim, relaxed or skinny denim and a plaid shirt.


Luxury sneakers have allowed sport shoes to jump from casual to smart casual and can be worn by every man, regardless his age.

They can be worn with unstructured suits, slim fit trousers and with all black outfits.


If you wear expensive and edgy sneakers look at the style that Kanye West approaches.

He usually wears slim black denim, white and mute colors. Just wear a simple look and let the sneakers talk.


New Balance Sneakers & Nike Air Max



Three things to keep in mind: denim, all black & basic outfits.


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