Red Christmas Dresses

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Red is the Perfect Color to wear for the Holidays.

You can find it in different shades like cherry, ruby, scarlet, Coca-Cola red, burgundy.

Wear a silk sheath dress in a strawberry color and you will feel like a princess. The Christmas party is a great opportunity to wear this beautiful and feminine color.

It demands a fearless attitude so be confident and brave when you are wearing an extravagant red dress. As long as you know how to style it, you will look amazing in the little red dress.


Strapless Dress & Bandage Dress


Quick Tips:

  • natural make-up;
  • red lips & red nails;
  • black or nude high heels;
  • statement clutch;
  • minimal jewelry;


Classic Dress & Mini Dress


3 Ways to Wear the Red Christmas Dresses



Red is a powerful color and wearing it shows a sign of confidence.

You can wear it with a belt to exaggerate your waist and also add another bold color in the outfit like neon yellow if you are in the urban style area.


Neon Clutch, Gold Belt & Neon Sandals



For a more classic approach accessorize it with black.

Throw a black blazer or jacket, wear a black clutch, statement jewelry and black ankle boots.

With this kind of look you will totally not fail, red and black go amazing together.


Elegant Blazer, Ankle Boots & Glamorous Clutch



For a flirty and feminine approach opt for a beige blazer, delicate jewelry.

Accessorize your outfit with nude platform high heels and a clutch in the same nuances of colors.

This look is great for the women that like classic and romantic style.


Beige Blazer, FORZIERI Clutch & Nude Sandals


We are so happy that Holidays are here because because we've got the best excuse to start wearing bold colors, like red without thinking it could be too much for a day outfit.

A red dress will make any woman very stunning and beautiful so we totally recommend you wearing this amazing little red dress for the Christmas party.


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