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One of the most versatile shirts any man can own


A polo shirt is an ideal summer staple and it is obviously that every man should have at least a few in his closet. From sporting attire to leisurewear, polo shirts can be paired with many wardrobe items such as shorts, chinos or jeans.


The shirt its extremely versatile and it’s usually worn in the warmer summer months due to it’s short sleeves and breathability.


In case you don’t know exactly how to pick a perfect polo shirt, we are here to help you!


How your polo should fit:


The sleeves should end at the mid-bicep mark.


The hem of the shirt shouldn’t fall any further than halfway down your trouser fly.


Always make sure you check the neck opening – if it makes your neck look skinny, it’s too wide, if it’s straining, it’s too tight!


Keep in mind that your polo should fit like a glove, enhance your physical appearance and hide the imperfections. Last, but not least should make you look more polished and put together.


Levi's Polo Shirt


Polo Ralph Lauren


How to wear polo shirt:


Pick neutral shades like: grey, blue, nude, navy, charcoal, white because they will work with almost any item in your wardrobe, with any skin tone and body type.


US Polo Assn


Never tuck the polo shirt into your pants! We know golfers do this, but it’s not stylish at all and you’re not on a golf course.


Don’t get a polo shirt with a huge logo all over it. If you have the option go logo-less, and if not, the smaller the prettier.


Wear your polo when going on a date, with your friends to watch a football game, at the office or when going for a casual walk in the park. The possibilities are endless.


There are so many ways to wear this smart-casual staple and as you get more and more confident with this style you’ll definitely find new interesting ways to integrate it into your looks - whether if this means to wear it under a leather jacket or with your favorite wool trousers.


Now tell us: what are your favorite ways to wear a polo shirt?

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