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How to Wear Pink Clothing

Everybody is afraid of pink, except Barbie.

If in the past any pink clothing in your wardrobe was judged and attached to the immature woman, now it is a fashion statement that shines all the way from the runaways down to the cool city girls everywhere. Pink is not for princesses anymore, that overdone pink and glitter look that is suited only for Disney. It is delicate, feminine, cute and can make a bold statement if chosen well.

Quick tips:

- choose pink shades that are flaterring to your outfits

- choose soft nude pink shade nails and add some soft glitter touches

- soft pink lips are flattering on any fair complection

- wear nudes or greys with pink

3 staple pieces of clothing look great in pink:

1. Tulle Skirts

You've seen them everywhere, on every fashion girl that has a blog. They are great and flattering on anybody, as long as they have the right lenght and are properly fitted around the waist. A tulle skirt turns heads and gives you an ethereal look that resembles a delicate ballerina. Pair it with a cute crop top or shirt and your best high heeled shoes.

2. Pink Coats

Not for the faint of heart, a pink coat can un-dull your wardrobe in a second. Matched with black, white and nudes, the pink coat can do wonders and transform you instantly into a truly born fashionista.

pink woolen coats

Oversized Coat           Solid Blazer     Long Lapeled Coat

light pink blazer

 Suit Coat

3. Pink Sneakers

Since we've talked coats above, sneakers and coats are the new hot trend blazing through the fashion industry now. Just make it a long coat and wear it with a small chain clutch and you are the bomb!

pink sneakers

Supra High-tops         Converse Sneakers         Philipp Plein

fucsia sneakers

Supra Sneakers

In everything we've said here there are a few guidlines to follow though:

- never, ever wear too much pink on you or we will be returning to the immature woman that we've talked above.

- choose just one item that is pink and use small details in the same shade

- try to use pink as a statement colour in your outfits and chose only one item that is pink on you

- pink mess in not acceptable either, so don't overdo it with the sparkles either, or we will be returning to the princess look mentioned above.

Let yourself be in love with pink and you will have pink clothing envy in no time.

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