Perfect Braids for Spring

Written by Simona | @stylishcircle

Time to get some creative hairstyles after the dull winter


When we talk about spring braids, nothing is greater than a feminine and cute braid.

A braid is a great way to pull all your hair off your face, for felling more comfortable or just for adding a simple touch of freshness to your look.


Now that winter is almost gone, we can forget the fur hats or beanies and go for our favorite hairstyle: the braid.

It’s considered a chic, less complicated hairstyle that will enhance your figure and that will improve your style.

From simple braids to crown braids, you have many options but the most important thing is to start practicing braiding techniques now.


Braids are modern and simple hairstyles that look good on every woman.

Either you have medium or long hair you can braid it.

You are probably already used to handy skills like this one since we all had creative projects when we were small.

You can adopt a minimalist and chic braid or go for a more edgy and grunge approach.

Just keep in mind that you can find plenty of braids for different styles.


On the catwalk, braids were a huge trend during last year,and most of them were actually pretty simple for trying out at home.

Just get ready for spring and try out some of the tutorials presented below.


Fish Tail Braid

The fish tail braid is perfect for mornings when you are in a hurry, especially if you have medium or long hair.

It looks beautiful and it’s perfect for a casual day.

It’s a style that tends to look fascinating the messier it gets., &


Khaleesi Braid

Inspired by Game of Thrones this braid looks extravagant and stylish on very long hair.

It will make you look like a goddess and it works on dry or damp hair.

It’s looks complicated, but it’s rather easy to make with a few tricks., &


Wrap Around Braid

This hairstyle can be created in many different ways, but usually there are two or three French braids that meet at the back of the head. 

This braid is amazing for the spring season, when an old ponytail is not so attracting anymore.

The best part of this braid is that it can be worn dressy, for special events or more casual by adding some cute flowers into the hair., &


Braided Bun

Buns are great if you want to pull your hair out of your face.

Simple buns can be boring and that’s why we recommend you to try a braided bun.

There are many ways in how you can make this hairstyle, and most of them take only a few minutes to be created. &


We are so happy spring is here because now we can all show our talents when it comes to braided hairstyles!


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