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Simplicity is the key


A blazer is a good way to improve a party dress or to spice up a casual dress. Fitted blazers are a great choice, but also oversized ones are nice. The best blazer that matches with your party dress is the classic tuxedo-cut, which you can easily wear during a night event or a cocktail party. A blazer is a fabulous piece of clothing to add to your current wardrobe.


Party Dress with Blazer – How to Wear


You can pick any dress. A blazer will look good with a knee-length dress, a tunic or any other style.

The dress can be elegant, fancy, casual, with sequins or floral printed.

The color and the material of the dress will determine what blazer you can choose.

The blazer needs to complement your body figure and the dress.

Just focus on the cut and the shape of your blazer.

If you opt for a fitted blazer, that doesn’t mean it should be super tight.

The ideal blazer is the classic one because it will give your party dress an elegant and glamorous touch.


Versace Dress & Red Blazer


The fabric and the color of the blazer should complement the party dress, but doesn't necessarily needs to match it.

If your dress is simple, in a neutral shade, you can opt for an extravagant blazer - animal prints, geometric patterns, florals or a vibrant red hue can be great choices.

The possibilities of the colors can be endless, so now it’s time to test your creativity.

If you want to give a pop to your look just wear statement accessories.

Opt for a chunky necklace, matching earrings, funky bracelets and glamorous shoes.

You can wear a thin belt around your blazer if you want to cinch in the waist and enhance your curves.

If you' d love to make your dress and your blazer the statement pieces of your look, remember not to wear too many accessories.


Cocktail Dress & Black Blazer


Elegant Dress & Velvet Blazer


A party dress with a blazer can be a fantastic look that works for every woman. You can choose metallic dresses, the little black dress, floral dresses or maxi dresses - they all look extremely good with the perfect blazer. 


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