Daniela Ramirez - One of the First Fashion Bloggers to Make it Big

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Back Then We Started Blogging Out of Passion, Not As a Career


Meet Daniela Ramirez, one of the first fashion bloggers to make a real career out of her passion.


You probably remember her from Lookbook when we all used to get our fashionable inspiration from there.


Lucky us, Daniela found some free time to answer a few questions for us. We were curious on how she started, what changed over the years and how she manages to stay fresh and motivated throughout the day.


The perfect wife, fashion blogger and designer for a venezuelan brand, Daniela has it all! Check out her inspiring blog and find the latest news and style inspiration directly from the source.


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1.You have been blogging for many years now, how is it now compared to when you started? Has the industry been influenced by the explosion of new fashion bloggers everyday?
Wow...yes, it has changed a lot , in many ways. 
When I started Twitter was still new and we were figuring out how to use social to increase blog traffic, brands didn't really understand bloggers and their influence. People started blogging because of a passion and not because it could be a career.


2. How did you turn your passion for fashion in a full time job?
It was a smooth transition. I started blogging when I was still in college. After I graduated I worked as a community manager for a company and I did some PR. Then I went back to get my masters degree while doing the blog full time.
There really wasn't a turning point, slowly more work starting to come my way that I was able to only do the blog.


3. Is it equally rewarding as the amount of work you put in everything you do as a fashion blogger?
Yes, definitely! I love what I do, and I'm thankful that all the work I have put all over the years has paid off


4. Which is your favorite project you worked on until now and why?
I designed a capsule collection for a venezuelan brand and the whole experience was amazing. And being venezuelan, it was a dream come true to work with a venezuelan brand as a designer.


5. What do you mostly spend money on? Clothes, shoes or accessories?
Bags! I'm definitely a bag lady.

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6. Do you also follow fashion bloggers?Which are your favorite?
Definitely, they inspire me a lot.
My favorites are: Fake Leather, Walk in Wonderland, Xander Vintage.


7. We love your urban-casual-chic looks because they are very wearable and yet edgy. How would you describe your personal style?
Aww thank you! I would describe my style as trendy but not over the top, wearable but never boring.


8.  You always look fresh and perfect. How do you manage with all the traveling and work? What is your secret?
Thanks again! No secret, concealer and mascara are my best friends! I try to get enough sleep, drink a lot of water, and exercise regularly. 

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9. When accepting a fashionable project for your blog, what do you never compromise on?
I never compromise on staying true to my self, I only work with brands I love and would buy for myself.


10. Happy Birthday to your better half! Tell us, what is it like to work daily with your husband?
He says thanks!! We love it! It's amazing to see each other grow and to work together to fulfill our dreams....and traveling together is always fun!


daniela ramirez fashion blogger and husband

fashion blogger couples


11. What is the first thing a person should consider before starting a blog?

That it is not as easy as it looks! When you are a blogger you are an editor, content creator, social media manager..you do administrative task, PR tasks, negotiation. It's definitely fun but it is a lot of work!

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This proves that you can go big if you want to but it takes a lot of time and much more work to get there. Being motivated and following your plan is what you have to do! 

Folow Daniela on Instagram for instant style posts.


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