Ludmila Navarro-Unconventional Jewelry Designer

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Statement jewelry is always a great idea


Whenever you don't feel like dressing up but would still want that wow look to turn heads, you should go for an extravagant piece of jewelry that will make your whole outfit totally different.


Ludmila Navarro designs unique pieces of jewelry that will blow your mind.


Colors, textures, flower and skull motifs with a touch of extra glam, what else do you need more?

Being fascinated about her work we thought we might just find out more about her. Here's an exclusive interview with Ludmila.



ludmila navarro


1.Tell us a bit about yourself and how does your personality reflects in you designs.

I think I am quite open minded with a positive mentality, usually happy but, at same time, I am a very thinking person and, over all, I always try to be myself what it means to be unique even different, for that reason I just do unique pieces and I do a quite different kind of work. I am a Fine Artist, I worked as painter, sculptor and as fashion illustrator as well. I became jewelry designer since four years ago so, I love art, ornaments, colors, compositions, design, I love vintage and ancient objects but contemporary as well, I love history, I love stories and I love to travel and to discover different cultures, I do it very often indeed. Actually, for all these reasons, I think I try to do of each one of my jewels an artwork, a little sculpture or a little painting and, over all, I always try, from the compositions which I do or from vintages elements what I use, to tell a story with each jewel which I create.



2. How did you first started designing and who was your first client (if you remember)?

From my early age, I discovered my passion for vintage jewelry, pieces or even elements, I have a massive stock. I started to collect being a teenager. Working as fashion illustrator, for a very well known american fashion magazine, I have realized that I was glad at all with the jewelry that I used to see on magazines, I decided to design my own jewelry then but just for me so, I have been my first client. Very soon, some friends of mine they loved my jewels and they became clients as well, suddenly they pushed me to create a brand.


extravagant jewelry

blue extravagant ring

3.What materials do you like to use when creating these unique pieces? Do you also create custom design for your clients?

Usually I create my compositions over quartz or over resins but as each jewel is unique more than for materials I prefer to look for pieces or elements, sometimes ancient sometimes not, but always vintage which help me to tell different stories. As I travel very often, It is very easy and funny for me to find sources from elements or pieces: markets, flea markets, old markets, stores, old stores, antiques shops, bric-a-brac, second hand shops, sales, auctions. When everything is possible, everywhere can be a source from materials.

Yes, I do, I have some clients who love my kind of work and they just send me a concept and I create a jewel about it then. They trust on me, they let me free…


4.Do you have a favorite jewelry type? Which is it?

As when I create everything is possible then I do not. I would prefer to be open to all type. Like this creativity is no limits.


5.Who should wear the jewelry you design?

I can say that all kind of women. It’s very interesting to understand how, nowadays, people want to be unique, want to be different and as I create only unique pieces(one of the most important values which my work offer, in this individuality age) which help a lot to underline these concepts, for this reason, usually people appreciate my work very much even if they do not wear it. Otherwise, my jewels appeal to a large kind of clients because they offer many values, such as: historic value because usually the vintage pieces that I use they have a history, conceptual value because precisely I reuse vintage pieces and love for recycling is growing everyday, aesthetic value because personal and decorative ornament is clearly in vogue specially through the accessories, people can define and underline his personality. For all these reasons, I said that I create jewels made with passion(my passion for vintage and cycling), with a history and with a soul, unique jewels for unique people with a unique story to tell. Powerful jewels for powerful people.


6.Where do you get your inspiration from? We saw many skulls, studs, flower motifs and many many colors mixed together.

Everywhere, the nature very often but I really love abstract also. All information we receive comes reinterpreted and I choose to turn it into jewelry, everything can be a source of inspiration then. As I am a Fine Artist, usually I have a pictorial view, what it explains colors and mixed that you find very often in my jewels.

colorful skull ring


7.Have you ever designed an engagement ring? Or did anyone buy one of your designs as an engagement ring?

I have not but they did. Twice, two men asked me for buying me a ring of my collection and, in both cases, use them as an engagement ring.


8.Which is your favorite piece of jewelry you ever designed and why?

An amazing necklace which a very well known spanish actress has weared at Oscar Ceremony.


 skull rings


9.Why should women wear Ludmila Navarro’s jewelry?

Because I create each and every one of my pieces myself in my own distinctive style to produce highly original jewelry. These one-off, timeless pieces take authentic Spanish creativity to new, unexplored universes. Over my extensive career, I have moved effortlessly through the world of art and design. My pieces have an international vision, multifaceted character and ground-breaking flair that draws on my vast experience and reflects and tastes, ideas and passion. This creative, fun way of paying tribute to women and femininity shatters conventions and fuses materials, ideas and universes to create stunning beauty that cuts across art, fashion and personal accessories. All this expertise comes together to create eternal jewels that enhance the body and elevate the soul. In a phrase: “I create powerful jewels for powerful women, a tribute to all those women who know what they want”.


We all love jewelry and picking high quality, extravagant pieces could surely make any simple and maybe dull outfit stand out.

Follow Ludmila and check out her latest designs.


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