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Written by Gabriela | @stylishcircle

How to get her iconic style


Jennifer Weist, the lead vocalist of the band Jennifer Rostock is one of the most popular feminine names in Germany nowadays. 


Besides being a killer rockstar, she is actually well known for the extravagant outfits and unique details. We would describe her style as modern with an unusual twist that she likes to use to push boundaries.


If you just love her style, or you are naturally attracted to various looks and concepts and want to step out of your comfort zone, just take a look at her outfits.  


  • Sometimes a pair of red boots is all it takes to elevate your outfit. The classy combo will be instantly elevated with these sassy boots. Plus, this color screams passion and confidence like no other!



  • Wear a crop hoodie like a grown-up and pair it with high-waisted trousers that only reveal a tiny silver of skin! Go for bright colors, just like Jennifer! Of course, it’s great to wear dark shades, but having a punch of color will certainly change your attitude and will help show your outer and inner beauty, too!



  • As you have seen in our spring trends, there are tons of pretty pastels, florals, sports-inspired looks, transparency and a great variety of midrift-baring outfits. Enjoy the season and rock a floral-printed top and a pair of relaxed culottes in a rose-quartz shade.



  • White relaxed pants, a pale green top and a cardigan – the perfect combo for a casual look. A long necklace and a hat are going to put your outfit in the spotlight! Comfort is key no matter what! If you feel good in what you’re wearing, you’ll look good!



  • Look effortlessly glamorous in a pair of striped pants and a yellow sweater. All you need to make this outfit work is a pair of silver booties.



  • Plaid pants were huge in the ’80 and we've noticed that Jennifer loves outfits with retro vibes! Just like her, style the pants with a casual T-shirt and a pair of burgundy booties. Opt for a burgundy lip color and some large hoop earrings to make the outfit stand out.


Photos Source: Instagram: yaenniverfromtheblock


Preppy, rebel and chic – these are the words that better describe Jennifer’s looks.


As you can see, she loves big, bold choices. Maybe for you this means mixing prints, loading up accessories or going all out with bright colors!


What's most important is that the most fashionable look of all is owning your style and feeling comfortable in your own skin!


Just keep in mind: no need to suppress your inner adventurist – just be sure you’re not going overboard!


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