How to Wear High Heels

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High Heels are Every Woman's Favorite Shoes

No heels will be as comfortable as a good pair of sneakers or flats, but some high heels are more comfortable than others and height doesn't always matter.

A proper fit is the essential thing for wearing high heels all night long.

The heel placement is the next important thing, because the center line of the heel should be under the center of your own heel.

If the heel placement is too far, it won’t support your weight.

Gold High Heels

High heels can be more comfortable with a little padding or some sort of platform.

Platform shoes are edgy, urban and easy to wear.

Heels can have a more rigid sole that can be made out of wood or hard plastic.

The leather or rubber soles are not so healthy and do not have stability.

Platform Shoes

We all know that the wider the heel is, the greater the stability.

Wedges can be a great choice because they are not too narrow and the sole touches the ground.

Use cushions and insoles where you feel pressure or friction.

You can find cushions cut out in various shapes and from different fabrics. They will stick inside of your heels for more comfortable walking.

Platform shoes will give you the extra benefit of extra height, without the discomfort you feel when you are wearing stilettos.

Your foot stays more parallel with the ground, making them a great choice for the dance floor.

Try not to wear high heels too often. They look fabulous, but they also have bad effect when it comes to your health..

If you wear them too often you can have back problems, blisters and bunions.

Butterfly High Heels

Your feet also need time to recover so from time to time choose to wear sneakers or flats.

An important thing when you are wearing heels is your posture.

Keep your abdominal muscles engaged and try to keep your back straight..

This will help you keep the best posture so you won't hurt your back.

Suede Pumps

The best advice is that you need to test them before wearing them in public.

Just wear them a couple of hours around the house to be sure they fit properly.

This will give you the opportunity to see if they are comfortable or not.

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