How to Wear Flannel

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Flannel Clothes are Versatile and Comfortable


Now it’s the perfect time to take out our plaid shirts for the spring season.

You can wear your flannel shirt basically anywhere: to a cool concert, to school, to the office or to a casual brunch.

So, dig up your flannel shirts, or simply just buy a new one and just notice how versatile and cozy can these type of shirts actually be.

Flannel shirts, also called plaid shirts can be worn in many different ways and are usually inexpensive and easy to wear.


Red Plaid Shirt & Salmon Shirt


Flannels can be worn in any season, from spring to winter and they look best with jeans and ankle boots or flats.

Thanks to the comfort, warmth and ease these shirts offer, they will be very popular for a very long time.

Flannel shirts we’re loved in the 90s music scene where the grunge style appeared.

Flannel shirts, faded denim and sneakers were amazing years ago but still in trend even now.


Gingham Shirt & Coral Plaid Shirt


Tips on How to Wear Flannel Shirts


Avoid Heavy Materials

Try no to wear thick plaid shirts and look for qualitative and thin fabrics.

Flannel shirts are amazing for layering and because you want to avoid chunky looks, always choose flannels that are mid-weight or light.



If it’s chill outside then you are lucky because you can go for an edgy and urban outfit.

For fall or even for spring, flannel shirts especially the ones that are made from lightweight materials are excellent layering pieces.

You can wear them under a cardigan, under a puffer vest, a trench coat or a denim jacket.

They basically go with anything and can be worn as the first, second or third layering piece, depending on how cold is outside.


Crop Flannel Shirt & Button Down Shirt


Different Looks

You can wear a flannel shirt with ankle-length skinny jeans for a rocking and stylish outfit.

After that just throw a biker leather jacket on top for a more bad ass look.

For a summery approach you can choose to wear this shirt over a crop top with shorts and chunky boots.

Or simply wear it around the old fashion way inspired by the 90’s trend and just tie it around the waist.


Extra Tip

We also foud flannel trousers to be just as amazing as flannel shirts. How to wear flannel bottoms?

The plaid is a versatile print that can be worn in many different ways.

You can style flannel trousers with sweatshirts, classic shirts or simply just go for a straight fit look (basic tee or a long-sleeve top).


Plaid Trousers & High Waisted Shorts


How do you like to wear flannel? Where do you get your inspiration from?



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