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Nowadays, modern trendsetters, famous bloggers and celebrities have provided an opportunity for modern women not to limit themselves and to use a rich palette of colors when wearing their blue dress. Light blue, aqua marine and electric blue are the most popular shades of the moment.


In case you have an elegant blue dress in your wardrobe, it’s time to wear it! It’s so easy and you will definitely look amazing!


Open Back Maxi Dress


Let’s see how to wear an elegant blue dress

If you have a romantic personality, you should choose a light blue shade. Plus, this shade perfectly suits blondes, redheads, brunettes and brown-hairs women, so you don’t have to worry that the dress is not for you. Plus, the nice shade is associated with youth.


Light Blue Backless Lace Dress



In case you have a strong personality and you love unique combinations, you should go for an electric blue dress. And in this perspective there is no age limit.


A-line evening dress



Regarding the accessories and shoes that can be combined with your elegant blue dress, you should take into account the style, texture of the fabric, the design and of course the season.


For an elegant blue dress with sparkles or other applications, you should choose some discreet pearl earrings, a chain with a pendant or a thread with pearls. You can also supplement the image with a bracelet.


For a simple, classy blue dress, you can opt for big, chunky accessories that can easily transform your outfit.


The shoes should be in pastel shades, for example gray, cream, pearl milk or silver shades. Also, you’ll always have a right outfit if you choose to wear with your blue dress a pair of nude heels.


You can also go for black or white accessories that will make such dress more stylish and elegant. A black statement necklace or chandelier earrings, white bangles and so on. Anyway, the choice of accessories should be based on the occasion.


Long-floor length or short – an elegant blue dress will always look gorgeous. And is the perfect option for a woman bored of the classy little black dress.


Blue Maxi Dress


And you know what? By following these simple rules you will always win the hearts of people around you!

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