How to Wear Bangles

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Interesting and Extravagant Bracelets for a Boho Look


Bangles are much loved when it comes to the bohemian fashion vibe.

They are a popular jewelry item and can spice up any basic outfit.

They are inexpensive accessories and can be easily paired in many different ways for a chic touch to your look.

Bangles come in many sizes, shapes and colors, with different designs and materials.

You can find gold, silver or stainless steel bangles to match any style.


Antic Bangles Set & Cuff Set


Tips for Wearing Bangles



A creative way to wear bangles is to mix the colors, designs and textiles.

These bracelets are an excellent approach if you like to combine different shades and textures for unique outfits.

Try to keep in mind the rules for the basic color hues.

You can mix silver bangles with pastel looks and gold ones with jewels or deep red tones.




You can usually find multiples bangles sold at low prices in fashion shops.

Because of this, you may think you have to wear them all.

Too many bangles can literally ruin even your most stylish look, so wear them with moderation.

If you like to wear other pieces of jewelry, then keep the bangles minimal so your outfit will not be too overwhelming.


Navy Blue Leather Bangle & Gold Bangle



Bangle bracelets can be find in different widths.

The smart choice is to choose bangles that don’t fall over your wrist.

You can also mix smaller bangles with larger ones for a stylish effect.


Silver Bangles Set & Faux Stone Bangles



When you wear bangles be careful at which event, presentation or party you go to.

A board meeting at the office is not so appropriate for your clanking bangles but a family event in a garden venue is the right place to wear them with confidence.

Chunky bangles look amazing with a bohemian blouse and a loose skirt.


Extra Tip

For a refined hand festival you can mix wrap bracelets with metal bangles. Add a thin and fragile hand jewelry item and bohemian silver rings.


When you are choosing to wear bangles go for a unique style mixing your favorite colors and designs.

Choose what suits you best and pick jewelry that fits your personality.



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