How to Match and Wear a Body Chain

Written by adriana.barar | @stylishcircle

A Simple Guide for Looking Stylish at the Beach



Body Chains: the hottest summer trend. From sandy beaches to colorful parties you see them everywhere.

But would you wear them?

We’ve seen so many different looks, some of them were really stylish and others look very naive.


To get that cool looks with a subtle sexiness, you should take into consideration the following points:

1. Don’t overcrowd your look.

Go for a simple body chain and maybe some thin necklace that you could layer around.

Don’t go for any other pieces of jewelry, especially earrings.


2. Think of a simple design. 

Your body chain can have two rows and an interlinking one.

It could have a simple charm in the middle or some small crystals, but never get a multi-layer chain because it might just get uncomfortable and it can look cheap.


3. Go for quality 

Fine metals and high quality crystals are the best things to look for.

Surely you can find cheaper versions, even for $5, but you have to be careful what you pick.


If you are not sure how to properly wear and match a body chain, let us inspire you with some cool outfits!


At the Beach

Wearing a body chain at the beach is really an awesome idea. With a thin body chain you, will probably not get any tan lines as it happens with other types of jewelry.

A flower pattern tunic and strappy sandals might just be perfect for a beach party in the evening..





A casual look with a crop top and ripped jeans could be spiced up a bit by adding a cool body chain underneath the top right down to the waist line.

Finish your casual outfit by adding a pair of edgy sunglasses and fancy flats. You can even trade the shorts for some high-waisted leather pants – an outfit perfect for a concert.




Who said you can't wear a body chain for an elegant event?

Deep V dresses or open backs will look much more interesting if you will add a delicate body chain underneath.

You don’t even need any other types of jewelry.



Would you wear a body chain? Are you thinking of buying or making one?

If you are thinking about making your own body chain we have a 5 minute body chain tutorial that can help you out!


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