How to take care of your running shoes

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Find out if your running shoes are ready for retirement


If you are a runner you know how important a good pair of sneakers can be. And more than that, how hard it is to maintain their perfect appearance through rough conditions. Even if you are a casual runner or a professional one, it is necessary to take good care of your shoes so that you don’t needlessly spend more many on others or repairing your favorite pair.

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If you don’t know exactly how to take care of your running shoes check out our tips and tricks and extend the life of your sneakers:

Keep your shoes clean and dry but:

  • Don’t run outside in bad weather conditions because that can mess up your sneakers quickly. If you really want to exercise or to take a walk, the alternative is to get a fantastic workout at home or go to the gym. However, if your shoes get wet try to dry them naturally and don’t place them near a radiator, because the shape of your shoe can be altered.
  • Don’t wash your shoes in the washing machine. Why? Because the detergents used in washing machines are harmful and can destroy the glue holding the shoe together, causing your shoes to fall apart. Instead, you can use an old toothbrush, a gentle soap and cold water to clean your running shoes. After cleaning allow them to air dry. It is highly recommended to clean your shoes after every run.



It is necessary to replace your shoes every 300-400 miles (9-12 months). Even some shoes are more durable than others because of the materials, you should change them once in a while. If you see the midsole material of the shoe poking through the outsole it is time to get a new pair.

Alternate 2 pairs of sneakers, especially if you run almost every day. Just like you, shoes need a rest day, too. Remember to rotate your pairs allowing them to decompress and dry out. Your shoes will certainly last longer and you can keep your feet clean, fresh and dry all day long.

Follow these tips and tricks and start to treat your shoes properly. You will be fully satisfied with the results.




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