How to style silk blouses

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The story of silk garments


The origins of silk


Silk is a fabric produced by small larvae in order to form cocoons. This is a fact unknown to a lot of people, to whom it comes as a surprise – and how could it not? Considering the fact that silk is one of the most soft and comfortable fabrics on the market, not many would have guessed that the original maker is a type of living being that is, more often than not, frowned upon.


That’s not all. Silk goes through a process called softening. Silk strands are very thin, so that the makers must strand them together, for proper use. This is a long and laborious process, which explains the higher price tag comparing it to the usual cotton and polyester.


Furthermore, silk has the very advantageous trait of adjusting itself to different temperatures, enabling it to keep you cool during heat, and warm in the cold.


What role do they play in our daily clothing?


Silk blouse always have and always will look exceptionally fair due to its amazing material. It has never left the world of fashion, and probably never will. Silk clothing fits incredibly well to different types of clothing, whether it is a fancy combination with an elegant shirt, or the most casual pair of jeans. In other words: the possibilities are near-endless. There are, without a doubt, many different types of outfits that will make you look good. Silk-related ones are at the vanguard of them all.


In its early history, silk was more or less exclusive to the aristocracy, as it was seen as a sign of wealth and prosperity. Fortunately this is no longer the case, as silk has found its way into most wardrobes in all corners of society. The designers are very creative with this classic garment and offer it in many variations. Not only does silk have a unique sheen, it can also take on excellent colors.


Silk blouses come in many different shapes and sizes. Long sleeves, short sleeves, ¾ or even sleeveless are only some of the examples. You can find extravagant or casual designs or even sporty ones, for those who cherish comfort even while they’re sweating.




Breaking tradition by starting off with the gents: while it is known that most male wardrobes pale in comparison to the female ones, there surely is no shortage of options when it comes to silk outfits. We’re going to name a few – though not nearly enough – in order to lend you a helping hand.


First off, don’t shy away from taking on a colorful vibe. As was said before, more often than not silk comes in a great variety of colors! Secondly, don’t rush into thinking that it is an exclusive wear for fancy occasions. Whether it is an extravagant get-together you’re attending, or a pleasant walk along the coast, silk blouses will prove themselves a worthy garment in most situations. A good night out or a nice dinner at a restaurant, for instance, are two scenarios in which a silk blouse will provide you with a good figure and a laid-back attitude. Going back to more elegant choices, combining a silk shirt with a suit is a very powerful statement. Keep in mind however, that in this particular case you should opt for neutral and subtle colors (can’t go wrong with black or white!). This attire is perfectly suited (no pun intended) for demonstrating one’s good taste. Up the scale by throwing in a matching silk tie and you’ll be good to go for pretty much every formal/official occasion that might arise.



Silk Shirt


Printed Silk Shirt

Burberry Silk Shirt



No, we have not forgotten the traditional motto “Ladies first”. We simply decided to go with the more modern “best comes last”. On that note, nothing beats a lady in a good looking Silk outfit.

Considering no other fabric is as soft as silk, its practical use is undeniable. It guarantees her-who-wears-it a particularly pleasant, skin-friendly clothing experience. Genuine silk is regarded as the queen of natural fibers and inspires its wearer time and again with its luxurious and extravagant appearance. In many countries of the world, silk has been valued for thousands of years as the preferred fabric quality, particularly for women's fashion and until this day has no synthetic replica ever come close to its luxurious quality.


Risking being repetitive, the amount of different outfits you can go for with a silk blouse is, in one word, astonishing. More so for women who, while facing the biggest challenges, also have many more opportunities than men do, when it comes to presenting themselves in an elegant fashion. Do not be alarmed though: no deep study-sessions are necessary in order to master and successfully rock this outfit. Here are some ideas you can use as guidelines:


Silk blouses will make for an elegant everyday style. Its feminine grace will match perfectly with sleek suit trousers with a fashionable crease fit. Top it off with a grey wool coat for a gaze-attracting outfit that also keeps you warm on colder days.


If it’s more formal attire you seek such as, say, an office environment, silk is the way to go. Merge a soft colored blouse with a pair of classic suit trousers (preferably white or black) with w wide-legged cut and you’re set. Alternatively, combine it with a grey blazer for a classy formal, yet charming look.


Always remember to keep a white blouse ready to wear at all times, because this soft tone is a gateway to many options. Earthy tones make the white shine particularly brightly; Red-black duos, that’s Elegance spelled with a capital E. Silver, blue and grey shades: A very chic combination with white blouses; even hip and trendy is achievable, just throw in some blue jeans & a cool leather jacket. And if white is too bland, a light grey or yellow, or even a soft pink will do just as well for the mentioned suggestions.



Silk Shirt

Silk Blouse

Silk Top



No matter what gender you are, we beseech you to try out some of these ideas as well as some of your own. Don’t be afraid to try out new things. If you’re not convinced at first, by all means keep trying until you find your very own style. Guidelines such as these are a good way to get some orientation if you feel lost but never confuse them with truths written in stone. In the end, what matters most is your very own personal touch.  However what indeed is (figuratively) written in stone is the elegance of a silk outfit. 


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