How to style a casual shirt

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We are all in love with casual shirts, right?

A casual shirt is pretty comfortable, easy to maintain if you wear it right and it can help enhance your look without too much effort. And because we believe that no man is a huge fan of wearing a suit day by day, the classic shirt is a staple item for your wardrobe.

It is great for a night out with your buddies, as well as for a more formal outfit, perfect for a day at the office. And if you want to spend your weekend walking in the park with your girlfriend, it is also perfect.

Let’s see how to style a casual shirt, based on the shirt type.

There are many casual shirts for men available out there. You should just see what suits you best and choose it!

Denim casual shirt

The denim shirt is durable and versatile and it can be a great part of a layered outfit or as a stand-alone piece. Plus, when it comes to favorite casual items for men, the denim shirt is on the top of everything.

When wearing the denim shirt, a T-shirt is a great way to casually layer your outfit and add a new dimension to it. To create a look that is appropriate for the office, just add some chinos and a pair of Oxfords.

A denim shirt is also great for more colorful and summery looks.


Tommy Hilfiger Denim Shirt

Checked/Plaid casual shirt

Lately, checked or plaid shirts, sometimes known as lumberjack shirts have become essential staples for every man. They are popular, versatile, and can be included in casual outfits, sporty looks, even formal and more elegant looks.

You can wear the shirt with a lot of denim. The denim will work perfectly with the plaid design and will give a masculine vibe to your look.

Wear the shirt with leather boots, dress shoes, sneakers, jeans, chinos. Everything works as long as you you’ll wear it with the right attitude.


Guess Check Shirt


Black or White casual shirts

Are classy, versatile and stylish.

If you want to play it safe, you will definitely have to choose a black or white casual shirt.

The white shirt will act like a base color for the rest of your look, and will give your outfit a polished finish, while the black shirt is an excellent choice if you want to create a look that is both tough and masculine.

Wear the shirts with leather and denim items and add extra details, like some braces, sunglasses and any other cool accessories.


White Casual Shirt

Black Casual Shirt


Having a casual shirt in your dressing is a must. It possesses the ability to be teamed in both casual and formal looks. Just keep in mind to choose the right material, color and create the right combination!  

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