How baggy pants appeared

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From prison to urban streets

We are living in a world where there is no right way to wear pants. Baggy, cropped, skinny, dark or light – there’s no right answer.


Lately, the baggy pants returned in fashion industry. There are many designers that are trying to improve these pants’ appearance, to make it more interesting. They are creating pants with fuller silhouettes in everything from denim to wool, that’s why the way we look to the baggy pants may be changing.

Short history

Back in the 80’s people believed that baggy pants were only for younger people and that they dressed so disrespectful.


Actually, baggy pants style started in US prisons in the ‘60s as a result of restrictions being placed on belts and shoestrings due to high risk of inmates using them to commit suicide. There were many communities where baggy pants were unacceptable, because it was believed that God doesn’t like the look.


Also, some universities, even though they didn’t officially banned baggy pants, the students who choose to dress like this were not tolerated.


In other places like Louisiana there were laws introduced that presumed it was a crime to wear the pants in any way that could be defined by police as saggy.



Di Liborio Trousers, Antonioli Trousers


Baggy pants nowadays



High-waisted baggy jeans, Baggy Jeans

Nowadays, baggy pants are pretty cool and are loved mainly by rappers and by those who love urban style. We can see them almost everywhere: in our schools, streets and especially on TV. It’s a trend designed mainly for the youth, youth who are mimicking the fashion styles seen in music videos produced by Hip Hop’s finest.


Even though this trend has its origins in the US prison system, this is not a good reason to avoid baggy pants. Baggy pants are perfect in those moments when you are tired of skinny jeans and want to try something new and cozy.


They are perfect for spring and summer, but you can also wear leather baggy pants or baggy jeans in winter. You can wear the pants not only for casual dates, but also for formal meetings, business trips or at stylish events.


The only difference is the way you choose to style them! 

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