Homecoming Attire

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What to Wear for Homecoming Dance


Now it’s time for your special night, and it doesn't matter whether you are a boy or a girl, you still have to look amazing.


Every teenager is excited when the homecoming dance is approaching, because it’s kind of like a prelude for the prom night.

Boys and girls are dressing up, go to the party and dance all night long.


Dress Code

Every time a homecoming dance has a dress code, either formal or semi-formal.

Typically, you will receive this information right when you get the dance invitations.

The clothes you are going to wear depend a lot on the event's dress code.


Tips for Men

What is most important is that you and your date will be on the same level when it comes to formality. 

If she is wearing an avant-garde dress you should choose something funky like wearing a minimal suit with a pair of Converse sneakers.

If the girl will wear a elegant, princess like dress you should go for a tuxedo.


Suit Trousers & Slim-Fit Suit Trousers


Calvin Klein Suit & Wool Suit


Tips for Women

If you are wondering what homecoming attire you should wear, the most crucial thing you need to know is your body type.

For a semi-formal look you have a variety of choices form cocktail dresses, dressy skirts and colorful jackets.

You can opt for the little black dress and add some fabulous accessories.

For a formal outfit you can wear a white dress, a floor-length gown or a vintage inspired attire from the 50’s.


Shift Dress & Maxi Dress


Blue Sparkling Dress & Chiffon Crystal Dress


At high school the homecoming attire is very important because this is an important event for every teen.

The universal codes for the homecoming dance are glamorous clothes, sharp tuxedos, extravagant high heels, perfect hairstyles both for girls and boys.

Express your personality through your homecoming look and don’t be afraid to always add fun and funky details.


Because it’s a formal event you will need to dance with confidence and style. That means anyone can enjoy this marvelous night, because dancing is for everybody.


Homecoming means tradition, dance & fun!


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