History of the wrap dress

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Feel like a woman, wear a dress!

Feel like a woman, wear a dress!  Those were the words of Diane Von Furstenberg back in 1974 when she debuted her iconic wrap dress.

Nowadays. It’s hard to deny the wrap dress icon status!

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In the '70s Diana von Furstenberg became notorious for timelessly flattering dresses, and the wrap dress is one of them.

But did you know that in the beginning the wrap dress was not a dress at all? It started as a wrap top and skirt and it was thought it would make a simple and sexy dress. Nobody had any idea it would be such a phenomenon, especially because it was so effortless. Wondering why? Because it allowed women to go to the work and still feel confident enough and sexy.  It was designed to be the dress which is suitable for every kind of body type, that immediately makes a woman feel classy and ready for every occasion. It was really empowering.

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The wrap dress has been worn over time by thousands of women, hundreds of celebrities, and it was painted in every kind of color and in all types of patterns.

Plus, it was said that by 1976 Diane has sold over 5 million wrap dresses and she officially relaunched the wrap dress in 1997 after seeing women wearing them over and over again. Moreover, the success of the wrap dress encourages lookalikes, including faux wrap dresses. Today, the wrap dresses sell for hundreds of dollars in vintage boutiques.

As you can see, the history of the wrap dress is very rich.

Now, we can see the wrap dress coming in all sleeve lengths and presenting a self-belt which ties around the waist, securing the dress closed. There are some wonderful ways to wear a wrap dress. For example, in summer wear the dress with a pair of high-heel strappy sandals and a super-shiny clutch. Don’t forget the romantic curls and the red lipstick and you will look absolutely astonishing!

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Maxi wrap dress

Maxi dotted wrap dress

Wrap dress in apple green

Mini wrap dress

The wrap dress has become a timeless fashion. Do you own one? How do you prefer to wear it? 

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