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Types & Styles


While there was always much fuss around the sneakers rapper wear, we thought that now it’s time to talk about a different accessory, the classic hip hop cap.

A hip hop cap is one of the most recognizable accessories and it represents the hip hop fashion and culture. You can find various types of caps that are made from different materials and shaped in different styles. A hip hop cap adds an urban feel to your look, and it will also protect you from the sun and dust.

If you search online you can find a wide selection of hip hop caps. Opt for high quality products that you can buy directly from the makers.


Types of Baseball Caps

As a golden rule, this type of cap has a panel construction and a facing brim.

Ball caps include: 

  • snapback cap;
  • fitted cap;
  • flexfit cap;
  • strapback cap;
  • 5-panel cap;
  • trucker cap;


Red Snapback Hat & Black Cap


Snapback caps became popular in the 1950s, but in the 1990s blew up the fashion hip hop scene.

Fitted caps are standard baseball hats, which are made from 6 cloth triangles and a fabric button on top.

Flex fit caps are made from spandex and stretch to fit your head. These hats were super popular in the 1990s.

Strapback caps are similar to snapbacks, but they use an adjustment poly band or leather band to match the head diameter.

Five-panels are very trendy amongst fashionistas and they usually have a strapback closure for adjusting the size.

Trucker caps were usually used by farmers and truckers. This cap is made with foam and mesh and are good for action sports or working outside.


Jordan One Size Cap & Nike Black Cap


Besides hip hop caps, beanies also have a good vibe that can totally change your look.

They are amazing for the cold season because they keep your head warm.

You can find many beanie styles like the slouchy beanie, skullcap style, roll up beanies and pom pom beanies.

Hip hop-ers also like to wear fashion hats like fedoras, bowlers or bucket hats.

They are casual accessories that resonate with retro hip hop outfits.


Brown Beanie & Pom Pom Beanie


NBA Bucket Hat & NEW ERA Bucket Hat


Hip hop outfits are more than a fashion trend, this is a high street culture adopted by passionate people. Through an urban outfit you express your personality and your own identity. 


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