Hairstyles for the Homecoming Dance

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3 Quick & Easy to Do Hairstyles


We all know that when summer is gone, the new school year is starting and that means the homecoming dance is rapidly approaching.

You probably have chosen the perfect dress and a gorgeous pair of heels, now it’s time to think about the hairstyle.


Picking out a style for the homecoming dance can be a little stressful so that’s why we are here to help you.

The most important thing is that the hairstyle works perfect with the dress., &


Gold Hair Drape, Hair Chain & Rhinestone Hairband


Tips & Tricks: Hairstyles for the Homecoming Dance


1. Vintage Curls

If you have long hair and you are into the retro trend, then some perfect and simple curls will look amazing.

Every girl should know how to pick a vintage inspired hairstyle that can be easily created in less than 30 minutes.

It’s a fancy style that needs to be created on fresh clean hair with the help of a curling iron, a flat brush or a comb and strong hair spray.

Just go for some soft vintage waves and you will look pretty and feminine.


2. Fishtail Braid

A messy braid can create a nice contrast with your elegant homecoming dress.

This hairstyle has a romantic touch that is perfect for classy occasions.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can be created easily at home.

Before braiding your hair, use a texturizing product on the wet locks.

Let your hair dry naturally and after that begin to braid it into a messy fishtail.

For a more elegant vibe just add some hair accessories to match your homecoming dress.


3. Ballerina Bun

If you want a secure hairstyle to last all night long then go for the ballerina bun.

This style might look a little complicated, but it’s actually simple and easy to make.

The tip you need to take in consideration is that your hair should be slightly damp when you are starting to create the hairstyle.

After you have done the bun you can decorate with elegant bobby pins, a hair band or with a diamonds crown.


Whatever style you like, we are sure these 3 hairstyles could match any homecoming dress!


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