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Women have a lot of reasons to get artificial gel nails.

Maybe you will have a big event like a reunion, a weeding or a cocktail party and you want to look perfect and sharp.

Perhaps you have thin fingernails and you have trouble growing your own nails., &


Most women choose gel nails when they are committing for a long period of time.

Gel nails have a similar consistency as the classic nail polish.

For a sleek look you can choose nail tips or nails appliqués to extend the length of your natural nails.

After the technician applies each coat, you will have to expose them to the UV light in order for the product to harden.,, &


Gel nails grow out with your natural fingernails and need to be filled or changed every three weeks.

The technician will file down the gel and then fill the empty area between the existing gel and your nail.

If you want to remove the gel nails you can do this by soaking them in nail lacquer remover. &


Women prefer gel nails because they are flexible and don’t break.

You can also do them at home. When you follow the steps for a home made manicure precisely, you can have the perfect nail treatment at home.

Generally if you do your nails at home they will last longer than a regular manicure, like two weeks, but keep in mind that they are definitely not professional quality as they would be at the salon.,, &


The best thing about gel nails is that they stay fresh and if you have many events in a row like prom, parties, family reunions, gels can be the perfect choice because they will last about two weeks with no chipping.

You really need to keep your nails very clean and also moisturized when you opt for a gel manicure.

Conditioning your nails will keep them and your cuticles in good condition. &


Manicure Beauty Cream, Hands & Nails Balm & Cuticle Treatment


We adore gel nails because you can choose from so many designs and they look perfect all the time!

You can change the design every two or three weeks and you will never get bored, which is awesome. 


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