Fringe coats

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The coolest ways to wear a fringe coat


Fringe coats are for sure the coolest items this season.

Fringe coats are one of those wardrobe staples that you can use whenever you need to inject a bit of edginess into your outfit. Even if you want a more casual look with a simple white t-shirt, jeans and boots or a dressy one, the possibilities are indeed endless with this must-have piece.


A perfect fringe coat can give you such an empowering feeling, and if you know how to style it you will have all eyes on you.

Can we dress 70’s boho chic and still look polished?

Keep on reading and steal our exclusive styling tricks about how to make a fringe coat look great without turning into a cowgirl.

1. Fringe overboard


A killer combo will be a skinny scarf, a pair of ripped knee jeans, a fedora hat and some chic Cuban boots. And because it’s winter you can add some layers, too: for example an oversized sweater or thermal underwear.


2. Comfort first


Even if it’s damn predictable, opt for a basic outfit: black jeans, white t-shirt and a brown fringe coat. The coat will add dimension to your look and will give you a chic vintage touch.


3. Fringe me


An all black outfit, red lipstick and a fringe coat: completely amazing!

4. Modern bohemian


A long suede coat with fringes and green accents will help keep you warm and stylish during these cold winter months


5. Pocahontas


Flared denim has risen! Don’t be afraid to wear a pair of flared jeans with a fringe coat and high heel boots. Stick to one statement piece, in this case – fringe coat – and go for simplicity. It’s enough!


6. Boho meets urban


Release your inner boho goddess and pick one red fringed jacket. Match it with a black dress and a hat. The perfect style if you love the wild and carefree vibe of the Bohemian fashion .


Be brave and start wearing fringed coats! Wearing a distinct fashion style is one of the most creative means to show your individuality.

So what do you think about fringe coats? YES or NO?  

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