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History & French Manicure


French manicure has originated in the 18th century and became really popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

For a real stylish woman the allure of the French culture and fashion is undeniable.

The clothes, the food, the beautiful vacations, it all seems so perfect and lovely.


The creator of Orly nail polish, Jeff Pink was the one that named this custom manicure as “French manicure”.

Because it got associated with the France country, it instantly gave the illusion of style, sophistication and elegance.


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The actual French manicure was born in a small suburb of California, named Calabasas.

There was no Eiffel Tower, haute-couture or fancy hairstyles in that little town. Jeff Pink created this manicure to suit the Hollywood fashion scene.

In that period, actresses where spending a lot of their time having their nails painted to match different outfits.

Movie directors called upon Jeff Pink to find a special nail look that would match any outfit that women wore. And so was very popular french manicure created.


The first big starlet who made this type of manicure famous was Barbara Streisand where she talked about the French manicure trend on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Cher was also a big celebrity that promoted this manicure. & &


Over the last years, french nailshave gone through a couple of variations.

They are still a very popular trend, both the basic look and the creative interpretations.

It’s a manicure that requires patience and time, but it’s elegant and super feminine.


What we know, is that this classy and subtle look has became a fashionable trend amongst women and it still remains the most requested nail design in salons across the globe.

A funny thing is that in France nail salons they often like to call this type of manicure “American nails”, because it’s something that American women tend to love.

Most of the french women like to have very simple nails, without color or only just a clear coat.


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What’s you favorite way to paint your nails? Do you like the French manicure? Now that you know it’s American would you actually wear it?

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