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Stylish Interview with Irina Engelke

Irina is a fashion blogger from Germany that we’ve spotted a while ago and we’ve decided to bring her style into the spotlight!

She’s gorgeous and her sense of fashion is amazing!



Find out more about her interesting story! Irina was nice enough to answer some questions for us in this exclusive interview:


1. We want to know you better! How would you describe yourself and which is your most important asset?

Hi, my name is Irina Engelke, living in Munich, Germany with the blog and my Instagram account @fashionambit. I’m 31 years old. 

I would describe myself as a very positive person, life lover and very persistent person. I think positive thinking and persistence to work on your aims are my most important assets in live.


2. We love your style!  How would you define it? Did starting a fashion blog changed or impacted your style?

Yes, definitely! I have more courage to try out new and crazy styles or trends. 

I would say I love to mix and try many styles and not stick to one style. All of my outfits look always a little classy and chic.



3. Color crush: we noticed you like to wear red shades and they look amazing on you. 5 reasons to love this gorgeous color.

To be honest, I needed this season trend to discover this color for me. Before, I was always thinking that red could look a little aggressive alongside my dark hair- but now I’m in love with the contrast. 

My 5 reasons to wear this amazing color are:

  • You feel powerful and strong when wearing this color. So it’s not only your appearance that changes, it also changes your inner mood or even mind – I love this feeling!
  • With red you always look very feminine even if it’s a pants suit.
  • You will always be an eye catcher in a group of people
  • It fits every woman
  • It’s the color of love


4. Which new trends do you have on your Wishlist for the cold season?

For cold season, I love the big, cozy faux fur coats trend – you can cuddle in these pieces and feel warm all the time. The best part of it – there are so many colors available this season, so you can stay classy with black or try out some brighter colors as yellow, green or pink.



5. Which beauty routine do you never skip and which is the best advice you’ve ever got?

There are many beauty routines I have. I believe in inner beauty. So, for example, it’s also a beauty routine if you eat some porridge in the morning before doing anything else. 

After a week you will see the results on your skin. It gets smoother and cleaner. This is probably the best tip I have.



6. How do you glam up your everyday look?

By adding some highlighter and glow from Mac.


7. Favorite fashion blogger/icon?

Hmm, it’s difficult. I love to follow strong women who are also business women, besides fashion bloggers, so probably Chiara Ferragni is one of them.


8. Is there one article of clothing/ accessory you absolutely couldn’t live without?

Yes definitely! Shoes!



9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I would love to have a family and work on my own business/company by traveling the world - as many young women nowadays.


10.  Any tips for our readers that want to start a fashion blog?

Of course – first, just do it! You will need a start first and in time you can figure out what you need to make it work better. 

Concentrate on the content and find your strategy. Ask yourself what you want to do and how are you going to stand up from the crowd. Focus on readers benefits and add some personal note.


Simple and classy! Follow Irina on Instagram and get your daily dose of inspiration! 

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