Famous tourist attractions in Spain

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Most beautiful places to visit in Spain

If you are looking forward to spending your summer holiday in an incredible country where you can both visit lots of places and lay all day long on the beach, then Spain represents a perfect choice. 


Spain is a country packed with many amazing places: ancient monuments, medieval castles, white villages or vibrant cities like Barcelona and Madrid, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine in Tenerife or Ibiza. It's the perfect mix of really old monuments and modern architecture. 

If you think that it's an expensive city country to visit you are wrong. There are many great deals that you should take advantage of, but you need time to plan all that beforehand. 

Top 5 most famous tourist attractions in Spain

1. Sagrada Familia

A tremendous church, still under construction, often referred to as cathedral. It was designed by Antoni Gaudi, a catalan architect. The fascinating design makes it a must-see for any tourist passing through Barcelona.


2. Running of the bulls

It’s the most popular event during the Sanferimnes in Pamplona. It involves running in front of a dozen wild bulls among narrow streets.


3. The Concha Bay

It is known as one of the best city-beaches in Europe. A quiet place where you can go surfing and enjoy the amazing views of the beach. Swimming is almost always safe, so no need to worry about dangerous areas.


4. Alhambra

It is known as an imposing castle with reddish tones, surrounded by mountains and woods. Access is a little bit difficult, but the view''s worth it. Located in Granada, Alhambra, represents the expression of the finest architecture in Spain.


5. Flamenco

The musical tradition located in the south of the country is one of the most characteristic elements of Spanish culture. Its influences comes from different regions like North Africa or Near and Far East. Songs and dances are blended into passionate and spontaneous rhythms which everybody loves.



Other famous tourist attractions in Spain are: Palacio Real, which is the largest and most beautiful building in Madrid, Cuenca, a marvelous medieval city with hanging houses built on a mountain, that gives you chills.

Let's not forget about Ibiza, an island best known for the great parties and nightlife, and many other places that could please anyone's desire.

If you are going to visit Spain, prepare to be surprised by these amazing destinations!


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