DIY Easy Flower Bun Hairstyle

Written by adriana.barar | @stylishcircle

Perfect Hairstyle for Dirty Hair


We always have this problem when going out and there is no time for washing our hair.


Most of the time we will try to use some dry shampoo and pin it up in a way or another.

The idea is to make it look fresh, chic and everything shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes.

So to give you a helping hand, we though we might just make a short tutorial that you can easily try out next time you have to go out.


For this flower bun hairstyle you don't need special tools or advanced techniques

If you do have the time, washing your hair and blow drying it with a round brush is a great idea. This will give the hairstyle more volume and shine.


If you don't, just try a dry shampoo and some glossy hair spray to finish it off.

We recommend using oil treatments as often as you can because if you use hot tools or dye your hair often it will surely dry out faster.

We all know that even a simple hairstyle will look much better if the hair is healthy.


hair treatment oil


Purifying oil 

volumising shampoo

Volumizing shampoo


Dry the hair and follow the steps below to be sure you will get the best result!


volume brush and hair dryer

Brush & Hair Dryer

easy flower bun hairstyle




We hope you liked this short tutorial and be sure to follow our Youtube channel for more simple hairstyles and DIY videos.


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