Designer Dresses on a Budget

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How You Can Afford Designer Dresses on a Budget


Every woman dreams of having at least one expensive designer dress.  But usually the budget doesn’t match our expectations so we will have to save up several months in order to afford such a luxury item.

A dress is not as versatile and might not last you as long as a high quality handbag or shoes.



Clothes tend to depreciate easier and drop their value faster while leather accessories even get their price higher in time. So saving up for an expensive designer dress that you might just wear once because you accidentally ripped it  while taking a fancy picture near a bush of roses is a tricky affair.


Another way to find your dream designer dress is to hunt for sales and outlet shops.

We found several high end designer dresses in an online shop that will surely make your wallet melt, but we say it’s worth it.



designer dresses on a budget


Burberry                   Karl Lagerfeld                   Fendi

When buying really expensive clothing you will have to pay attention to the description because you might expect 100% silk for that price and you get 100% PE. A brand sometimes costs more than the product itself, so be very careful when you look at the description and size chart.


Don’t just buy the item because the price is really good and it has a famous designer label on it. Wearing dresses that don’t suit you but everyone knows what you are wearing wouldn’t be the best choice.

If you spend 1000$ on a dress, be sure that it matches your style and other clothing items you have. Don’t go for very bold colors or fancy details unless that’s really your thing. Also, if you don’t have a high budget and can afford a fancy dress every season, you should try to buy timeless pieces that won’t go out of style very fast.


A little black dress or a simple cocktail attire would be the best investment for that money.


designer outlet dress

Versace Jeans Couture                                     Givenchy                                            Burberry



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