Cheapest place to fly to in Italy

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Affordable Italy: great places, low prices!


A beautiful country, the land of artistic masterpieces, among the top destinations on the planet – this is Italy.


Since it is an expensive place to visit, maybe you will need to research first so you can find the cheapest region to fly to.


Summer is the perfect moment to plan your holiday in Italy, because there you can find endless beaches with turquoise waters some of them surrounded by craggy cliffs and marvelous villages.

You should think about visiting representative cities like: Rome, Milan, Florence, where you can meet with unexpected combos of flavor that taste amazing, a broad variety of Italian wines and rich architecture that will give you an extraordinary experience.


One of the biggest cities in Italy, Milan is known as an approachable destination, being cheaper to fly into Milan as opposed to Rome or Venice. You can save around $800 if you choose this destination. It may sound a little weird to you considering the fact that the city is known as the capital of fashion you may think that everything there is super expensive.


Yes, there are lots of high priced places, but you can also find nice hotels, restaurants or stylish shops at decent prices.

The medieval city of Bergamo has plenty to offer and it is also a popular destination throughout the year. Of course, depending the departure airport of your choice, the costs can be different, still the average price is around $900 per trip. If you have serious thoughts about this destination, you should follow them because it’s the perfect place for art lovers, and for those who love excursions in places surrounded by lush vegetation. You will be surprised by the breathtaking landscapes that are going to enrich your imagination.

Another stunning city is Bologna. Here the average price tag on air connections from US is around $970. Many Italians consider the city to be the second after Venice for its beauties, so you can never get bored here. If Milan is known as the capital of fashion, Bologna is known as the food capital- here, the streets are filled with wonderful flavors. There are sights aplenty too, from the imposing Palazzo del Podesta to Piazza Maggiore or Basilica of San Petronio.

Depending on your budget , you can now make a better decision about where and when to fly. Have you bought your tickets yet?



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