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Types of cargo pants and popular shades

Men’s cargo pants have become extremely popular over the past few seasons. They are basically loose fitting trousers designed to be durable and suitable for tough outdoor activities, like hiking or any other kind of adventures. They usually have multiple pockets, designed to hold field dressings and other equipment.

But despite their functionality, lately, cargo pants have slowly become more and more popular as a stylish, fashionable piece. They were spotted a lot on the runways. They are easy to wear, more comfortable than restricting denims and can give your look a bit of an edge.


Cargo Pants

Mens Multi Pockets Cargo Pants

Here is how you can wear cargo pants for men and look extremely stylish:

  • Opt for a pair of beige skinny cargo pants. Even though, we are more familiar with the baggy styles, skinny cargos can also look stylish. Mix them with a jumper and a lightweight shirt for a modern look. Add a pair of loafers for a smart casual style, just perfect for spring or summer.
  • On the market, you can also find cargo joggers, which are an interesting mix of two classic styles. They work really great for casual style and look best in lighter tan or beige shades. Try wearing the pants with a simple black shirt and some converse sneakers.
  • Cargo jeans are also popular. Even though sometimes they can be tricky to pull off, they definitely represent a statement piece. Because they have lots of details on them, if you’re going to wear some, then keep the rest of the outfit simple with a sweatshirt and some trainers.


Slim Fit Peached Sateen Cargo PantCaliber Denim Mens Dark Green Clothing 

What colors should I choose?

Less traditional, men’s black cargo pants can be a lot more versatile than other colors. And they can be perfect if you’re bored of wearing jeans. Team the pants with a basic t-shirt, some old school Vans and a cap to finish it off.

Khaki cargo pants are the most traditional cargo pants style. This shade was originally worn by the military for camouflage. Khaki cargo pants are excellent for extreme jobs.

White cargo pants can look good with a lot of different looks. If you’re going to wear them be careful not to get dirty, and avoid all-white ensembles.


Despite of their reputation for being unfashionable, cargo pants are one of the biggest trend pieces this season. Whether you prefer a khaki style or a beige one, there’s something out there for everyone! 

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