Business woman. Accessorizing tips for a suit

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4 classy accessories for stylish women

Many women wear suits at work. And that is because the suits are not only professional, but extremely comfortable and easy to style.

However, you should make your suit look good, give it a feminine note, because you want to stand out. And even if you don’t usually add “stylish fireworks” to your suits, you should know that there are some timeless accessories that can update your suits and make them look really expensive.

Business woman. Accessorizing tips for a suit

A watch

This one is probably the most popular and timeless accessory. Besides the fact that a good watch can last a lifetime, it can really make your suit look best. A classic watch with a leather belt is perfect for your office looks. Plus, you want your clients you are working with to feel that you can be trusted and you are good at what you do.


Straight Lapel Blazer

Fossil Watch


A silk scarf

Is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your look. A chic scarf is the accessory that can add a little flavor to your business suit. A big advantage is that silk scarves are available in many colors and unique patterns, that’s why they will add a classy and elegant touch to your business wardrobe.


Luck Be a Lady Blazer

Silk Scarf


Classic pumps

Of course that you can’t wear your favorite biker boots for the weekend, when heading to the office. Especially with a suit. Choose a good quality leather shoes that are chic and mainly comfortable because you are going to wear them often. Look for ones with a heel that is 1 ½ to 3 inches high and pick neutral colors, even pastel shades.


Peplum Blazer



Pearl earrings

It doesn’t even matter if your pearl earrings are real or authentic. They will look stylish anyway. A pair of pearl earrings will add a touch of class, sophistication and femininity to your looks. Just avoid anything large or dangly and go for designs that are subtle. You can also add a subtle necklace if you’d like, but avoid bangle bracelets and chunky jewelry in a corporate atmosphere.


Open Front Blazer

Marc Jacobs Pearl Earrings


These are the most classy and popular ways to accessorize a business suit.

Just choose the one that suits you best and make sure you look polished and professional at the office! 

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