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6 Types of Stylish Boots


Boots are versatile shoes that can be used on many occasions.

Women have the tendency to buy heels for major events and they don’t look for boots very often.

You can find many different types of boots, but we’ve chosen for you the essential 6 type of must have boots.


Leather Ankle Boot & Sequins Boots



1. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are named after a place in London where the boot trend became really popular.

These boots are one of the most comfortable types of shoes you can wear from spring to winter.

They are usually made from leather with a contrasting section on the ankle.

They stretch very fit on your foot and ankles, ensuring a comfortable fit.

You can wear them at an outdoor party, to a concert or even to work.


Bordeaux Boots & Black Chelsea Boots


2. Boho Boots

When we talk about boho boots we think about boots that are inspired by the vintage cowboy boots.

They look perfect with tucked in jeans or flowy dresses or skirts.

Once you settle on a nice pair of boho boots, they will not disappoint you!


Cowboy Boots & Perforated Boots


3. Biker Boots

For a cool and edgy outfit just dare to wear moto boots.

You can find new versions of biker boots that have statement additions, from rhinestones to sequins.

Moto biker boots will keep your feet warm and dry.

Just choose a leather jacket, ripped jeans and moto boots will work just perfect with this outfit.


Moto Boots & Buckle Boots


4. Rain Boots

Rain Boots are a life saver when it comes to shoes.

You don’t really want to wear them everyday, but you are happy that you have them in your wardrobe.

A classic pair of boots is useful and even iconic.

The best rain boots are the ones right under your knee or you can even find other stylish versions that go to your ankles.


Classic Rain Boots & Shiny Rain Boots

5. Over-the-Knee Boots

Slim and spicy, the knee-high boots are a great option for women that want to remain mysterious but feminine at the same time.

They look amazing on everyone and will keep you warm in the winter and fall.

For the spring and summer seasons you can find over-the-knee boots with cut outs that will let your feet breathe.

You can wear them with jeans, dresses, skirts, basically with anything that makes you feel chic and comfortable.


Beige Over the Knee Boots & Wedge Boots


6. Classic Riding Boots

Riding boots fit many outfits, depending how you accessorize your look.

They can be casual, dressy or something in between.

The best classic boots are the black leather ones or the brown boots.

Most of us had one pair of classic riding boots in the past, but we tend to forget about them.

The best way is to look for a classic boot that is well made so the style will last many years and you will not throw them away after just one season.


Fuax Leather Boots & Black Riding Boots


With these boots you will be ready to look beautiful and amazing for any occasion!


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